“The first time I heard I had cancer was…. (silence)….
The doctor called me and said, ‘I got your test results back and you have cancer, but it’s the good kind.’

My immediate response was like whaaat?
What do you mean a good kind. I don’t think cancer and good go together. 
But in retrospect, she was right. 
It was treatable, and now I relate to it as a thing to keep watch for.
So, I am regularly going in to have checkups.
It’s like maintenance for a car or something.

I just know that if it happens again, whether the good or bad kind, I’m going to be right on top of it!

So, I am no longer in fear. It’s just something to manage.” –K.G.


The above is AFTER the fact from a Belegenza user who asked us not to reveal their identity. 

Nothing was said about how it was in the moments before the conversation with the doctor. 

It’s safe to say, that it was shocking. 

It’s normal to be worried when you know something is going on, and then the doctor says to do some tests. 

But, no matter what the order of things, such as being suspicious something is off with your health, to making an appointment to get it checked out, to getting the phone call from the doctor’s office that the results are in, to the confirmation of cancer or not, it’s terribly upsetting to most people. 

As we’ve interviewed countless people with cancer, one of the biggest or at least the quickest thought to run in the mind is …..

What about my hair?!!! 

And, then just as soon as that happens, a lot of people feel a twinge of… …..guilt or something like that. 

How could I be worried about my hair, when I’ve got to figure out how to fight this and stay vital and alive ultimately!?

Well, this is our specialty.

It’s completely OK to have those thoughts! 


Helping you with your hair before, during, and after chemo, cancer and whatever else comes your way is our expertise!

A common issue is that doctors sometimes get put-out
by the questions about hair. 

So, if you have one of those doctors, please give them a lot of room,
respect and credit!  You see, their focuse is saving your life! Hair is hair to them. 

But, to you, hair is an important part of your identity! 

And we get it! 

You can count on us to share everything
we can to help you on your journey. 

It’s part of our giving-back for all of the people who’ve been so generous to share their journey experiences with us. 

Belegenza got started so that we could prevent illnesses related to chemicals in hair & beauty products. 

As word got out about people getting
faster hair growth,

thicker hair, etc., it was a
natural progression to expand our expertise for those dealing with illnesses and their treatments, like chemo! 

To keep from making this particular blog post a long novel, here are some of the other blog posts that
will give you MORE information than you can imagine
….and will delight you and your doctor. 

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Get my “12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Hair Thinning Reversed! Free guide!

That’s enough for a great start.
At the end of most blogs are related blog titles to choose from!  

PLUS, with us, Cheryl & Alan, we give you our private cell/text number with our packages, so that you can get personal and confidential attention directly from us


What other company does all this for you and your hair? 

Only Belegenza, Cheryl & Alan! 

WE can’t promise that you won’t have fear. 

We are, however, commited to helping you before, during, and after.

Our goal is to help you so much that you, too, may have no more fear! 

AND, the biggest indulgence is that we are going to
focus on your hair such that you feel better and look better, NOW! 

Your Trusted Brother and Sister No More Fear Hair Growth Experts, 

Cheryl & Alan 

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Chemo Hair Loss: No More Fear
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