Eat to Grow Hair! Is Egg for Hair Growth True?

Who doesn’t love to eat? We’d be shocked if someone told us they don’t. There’s so much yummy out there. But like they used to teach in schools, you are what you eat!  If you eat unhealthily, you gain weight. Certain foods will have an effect on your skin. Your hair can be affected too, much […]

Don’t Worry: Bangs NOW & Grow It Out FAST-GrowOUT

Most little girls start out with bangs or as said in the UK, fringe!  We get older and decide that bangs aren’t for us and get rid of them. All of a sudden, we want to change our hair and decide color is the way. But, there is another option that doesn’t involve chemicals. We […]

Sweet Potatoes Lead to Sweet Hair Growth, In Motion & In Growth Hair

Sweet Potatoes Lead to Sweet Hair Growth, In Motion & In Growth Hair We all love sweets. Or at least it seems!   When we think of sugary goodness, we think of it in the form or cakes, cookies, and candy. Maybe ice cream, too! But there is another way possible for you to get some sugar that is […]

Stress Hair Loss: 17 Answers to Hair Growth

How is life treating you? Is it hectic and filled with worry? If so, it’s vital you take a moment, step back and take a breath.  We work 40+ hours a week. We run here.  We run there. In all that chaos we forget to just stop and breathe deeply and profoundly. Did you know […]

Androgenetic Alopecia Mystery Solved! Hair Growth after Chemo AND Menopause

Dear Alan and Cheryl, Thank you for your informative emails and newsletters. I really enjoy learning about how to achieve healthy hair and what to avoid in today’s toxic chemical filled world.  So thank you for sharing what you know with your customers. I wanted to share something with you that I recently learned regarding […]

Hair Loss from Ponytail Swish

In Beauty School, we had to learn to do perms, both the kind to make hair curly and to make hair straight. When it came to making hair curly in the 80’s, we were out to create “style support.” This was “perming” curl that would emulate the hair structure’s optimum curl that could be blown […]