Bleaching is not for everyone.  The drive for lighter and why it is so coveted, is that in the survival of the fittest of human being, men’s visual perception of blonde hair

Fearless Bleaching, featuring ProTect Base Cream for length with NO BREAKAGE!
Fearless Bleaching, featuring ProTect Base Cream for length with NO BREAKAGE!

is not the lightness, but the trigger to an embedded instinct that registers in the brain as “shiny, thus healthy, thus good genetic match for best possible offspring and the perpetuation of humanity.”   Seems far fetched, but this explains why some blonde colors that are completely off in tone or even in bad condition seem to win out on hair that is darker, healthier and shinier!

Bleaching and overlightening the hair has all kinds of minuses, though.  That’s why there are so few per capita, not including the ones who have extensions.   Bleach is one of the most damaging services, next to relaxing/perming with sodium hydroxide.  Bleach on a molecular level is the controlled release of oxygen that is actually shattering the pigments so you can’t see them.  Remember how hydrogen peroxide on your boo-boo when you were a kid would fizz?  That’s the oxygen releasing and shattering the germs!   The same thing is happening in the hair, except not only is it working on the pigments, it is shattering the actual fibers (cuticle, cortex, and medulla) .  This is why the hair becomes so fragile.  Oh, BTW, the molecules of color are still there, but are invisible to the eye because of the shattering.  Imagine smashing with a hammer some blue glass marbles.  At first, you may have several smaller blue pieces of glass, but as you bang each one down, it turns basically to a white glass powder!  So, the pigments for the most part, are still in the hair, just shredded along with the fiber of the hair.

A perfect bleach is super difficult( as you can see some of the rigors Cheryl & I go through on our video),  time consuming, and takes an incredible amount of understanding, accuracy, and money!  It’s a good thing we bleach each other, because at hundreds of dollars a bleach, on a two week basis, it gets extremely expensive!  Thereinlies another reason for not many great bleach blondes!  It takes time and lots of money, generally speaking.  We’ve made it easier, though, through our trials and tribulations and discoveries of what’s really going on.

Verina, of Verina Organic Salon in Beverly Hills, is a Master Organic Colorist.  Watching her undivided attention while working on a client lets you know in a moment that she’s serious about perfection, safety and YOUR need for perfect hair.  When actress/model Lisa Van Atta approached Verina for platinum, Verina was certain that Belegenza had answers to keeping Lisa’s hair in perfect condition from beginning to end.  Having remembered Cheryl’s and my video (below), she reviewed the ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor application demo, and set on her way to creating the perfect blonde you see in the unretouched photograph!   The Protect does so many things that reduces the risk of breakage, reduces the chances of blistering of the scalp (yes, this is common during a super light bleach!), and even assists in keeping overlapping at the line of demarcation from the last bleach from allowing any breakage!

Verina’s expert and accurate application of the bleach over the ProTect (ed) scalp and hair affords Lisa the confidence that her hair is strong and healthy and LONG.  (Did you ever notice a lot of bleach blondes have short hair?  This is mostly due to breakage, and that’s a whole other story).

Verina also knows the value of VirgINity Hair Repair, and has even taught us a few things about how to use this product!  You can certainly see the deep shine and exquisite condition of Lisa’s hair in the photo.

“My hair has honestly never felt so healthy and soft after getting it bleached! I also loved the fact that there was no harsh chemical smell with the products. I know I am in excellent hands with Verina and could not imagine going anywhere else.” –Lisa Van Atta, Model/Actress 

Alan and I are proud of what we’ve created in the ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor.  Not only are we thrilled with the results personally, but we know that anyone using ProTect is doing themselves a great service by creating a powerful barrier against the known and unknown “nasties” in all types of hair color and chemicals.     We used to itch for days after chemical services because we were allergic, but that’s not the case anymore!  We feel good that we may be helping others in this way, whether they are bleaching, or just tinting, or relaxing their hair.  We also see that with regular use, length is more likely,  there’s a deeper shine, healthier hair condition and greater results, leaving people feeling great about how they look! –-Cheryl Honc, Belegenza Formulator and Owner.

And, just in case you don’t bleach, but do color or tints….this one’s for you!