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Let’s See and Let’s “C”


Who doesn’t know oranges contain vitamin C?

We don’t feel good and we immediately grab an orange.

But keep in mind there are many other fruits that contain this vitamin and maybe
you’d rather grab one of those the next time you feel under the weather.

There are mangos, strawberries, and blueberries.

Not a fan of fruit?

Then try cauliflower or spinach.
There are soooo many ways to get what is good for you AND your hair!

Keep in mind that the hair that emerges from your follicles today, become the ends of your hair at some point.  If your hair is 12 inches long, then that means that 2 years (24 months ago) is when it emerged from the follicle!  

So, what you eat today, is either helping or hurting your “split end” situation!

If you want great hair the “C” vitamin also has its advantages.

It is believed that low intake of vitamin C in your diet may result in dry or splitting hair.

Although hair loss isn’t directly associated with a vitamin C deficiency,
dry and splitting hair
from a vitamin C deficiency may make your
hair prone to hair loss.

best products for split ends
Feed your scalp and follicles with foods rich in Vitamin C, and fortify with the best products for split ends.

Said in the positive, the Belegenza Way…….   Hair thickening and growth may be better with proper vitamin C.

Strong, healthy hair ends and hair tips from healthy levels of vitamin C may keep hair growing thicker, longer and fuller!

Though you can’t change what you ate or didn’t eat back then when your current hair ends/tips were being formed in the follicles, you CAN feed them with Belegenza Natural Hair Care products. Ready for the Best Products for Split Ends?    Split End Package, Click now! 

See  and “C” how important it is for you!



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Best Products for Split Ends

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