Rare natural hair colors : difficult to replicate with typical hair colors

Organic hair colors are about as real as organic gasoline.

rare natural hair colors
Saving Haircolor Secrets: Go Beyond the Lies of Beauty Supply & Media NON-haircolorists!


Made of a host of leftovers not used in fuel & manufacturing,
haircolor is the grand recipient of the garbage refined OUT of the sludge.

The most dangerous sludge recipients are the
tints that are packaged as safe.
This leads to false security.


Dealing with this devil formula is not a necessary evil, yet the payoffs of beauty win out for most over the hazards.

Rare natural hair colors may fade, but if you are willing…..

The odds of using dangerous chemicals
to hopefully capture rare natural hair colors again
are taken daily for millions of people on a regular basis.

The good news, is that all haircolors can be enhanced with these 3 ADVANTAGES:


THE FIRST secret to saving the dyes left on the hair:
Do not shampoo again for the first 72 hours & be sure it’s sls free.  The oxidation process must complete.  The keratins that were blown out by the hydrogen peroxide, ammonia (and other psuedo-named cuticle killers to make you think it’s safe) must be allowed to settle down.  This alone will help the strength of the hair & will help to showcase the rare natural hair colors’ pigment spectrum.


THE SECOND secret is to eliminate heat.
Do not heat the color-treated hair if possible especially in the first 48 hours.  Heat further “knocks” the cuticle around, and the pigments that are trying to hold onto the hair.  A LARGE portion of color is lost in the very first moment from styling with heat.

THE THIRD secret is to only put color on the ends if it is off-color or horribly faded.
Only tint the new hair.  If you must color the ends, reduce the chemical strength with appropriate buffers before applying.  (Off-label instructions…click here).

For a full array of
secrets and ways
to increase safety with
all haircolors
by clicking here now.


Your Happy & Safer-Hair-Coloring-Experts,

Alan & Cheryl

Alan Eschenburg Cheryl Honc Hairgrowth experts, rare natural hair colors
Creators of the world’s first and finest silicone & nasties luxury beauty products: Belegenza








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