Best Natural Hair Products : We could’ve eaten them, say founders

Back when we made our first formulas, and made 100 bottles of each, it took us so long!

We laughed and said to ourselves, “if no one buys, we have a lifetime supply for ourselves! Worst case, is we can at least eat them… they are food grade!”

Soon enough, though, our batches moved to 1000 at a time, yet it took learning how to make things in bigger quantities.  It took more time to get that part perfected.

Well, now that we are dealing with 10,000-25,000 at a time and with over 25 different products, we have
had yet more growth, and
certainly, we are learning lots about growing pains!

All of this to say….we’ve been busy growing all the areas of our company, and
because we stay on top of every area for quality assurance, we had to put Ask Alan and Get Glamorous in Minutes on hold.
Now that we have more grown up in those areas for the time being,
we are now making time to work on our blogs for YOU, again.
We love to share what we’ve learned from our obsessed customers,
to make your hair …and your life easier…. because
Life is Easier with Awesome Hair, right?

We may not blog weekly, yet. So, if you see a gap in our blogging or haven’t heard from us, we are probably working on a new formula, or package, or
growing something new for you!

As we grow our blogs and more of the Best Natural Hair products, feel free to ask us your questions. We always appreciate your emails, comments and questions, AND know that your feedback helps us
to help all our customers
by pointing us in the right direction!

Gotta “growright now! TTYL!

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Directors’ Chairs!! Cheryl and Alan on location with Rizzoli & Isles!!!

Your Favorite Brother Sister Hair Growth Leaders,

Alan & Cheryl


P.S. When did you NOT listen to them, and simply looked to your intuition?
We’d love to hear your story!
AND, what is something you want to do that you haven’t followed through with….YET?

Best Natural Hair Products : We could’ve eaten them, say founders

The Nasties List | Silicone Free: 12 Toxins-FREE Gluten Free Hair Care

The Nasties List | Silicone Free: 12 Toxins-FREE Gluten Free Hair Care

tags: Best Natural Hair Products, Best Natural Hair Products

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