Hair color trends today offer a delightful array of options, tempting many to try a new hue every few months.

After the color transformation, we’re excited to flaunt our hair, but once we get home, there’s an instant fear of anything disrupting the new color, including how soon we should shampoo it.

While it’s advised by manufacturers and colorists to wait at least two days before washing tinted hair reveals that even the most celebrated color safe products may not be enough. 

But hold on… we’ve got news coming…

Rather than subscribing to the common belief that washing too soon will ruin the color, it’s crucial to focus on using the appropriate products and techniques during the washing process to preserve the beauty of the new hair color.

Is the color a direct pigment?

The best way to tell, is that the color looks the same as you are putting it on the hair.

Or is it a developed pigment?

The easiest way to tell is that it requires the mixing of 2 things, the color and a developer and it doesn’t LOOK like the final color. It’s creamy and opaque one minute and over the processing time it turns darker or redder or some odd color, then when you rinse it off, it reveals the color of your desires!

Whether it’s a direct or developed color, the way to keep it from fading varies, and it’s little known even by the best colorists. 


MOST will tell you, it is recommended to delay washing your hair to prevent the new color from fading. The idea is to allow the hair color to soak into the hair cuticle as much as possible, according to advice from a beauty expert on TikTok. 

But like TikTok so-called experts, their forte is getting views, but the info is not always the very best.

In this TikTok case, once the hair is dry, there is no more “soaking” going on.

What she may have meant is that there is more “curing” going on. 

This is most important with developing colors that depend on the oxygenation process from the Hydrogen Peroxide’s effect on the color molecules.

The most important thing to remember right now is that the cuticle needs to be locked down to “trap” those color molecules, and minimize anything that will disrupt the color pigments from staying attached to the hair. 

More about how to maximize this coming up! 

Another social media user also shared a video suggesting a similar approach, advising people to wait at least two days before washing their hair, even if they had highlights.

This is especially important if you’ve used a lightner, because it takes up to 72 hours for the strands to “shrink back” in size from the oxidative swelling that happens from the ammonia and hydrogen peroxide (the higher the volume of developer, the more swelling of the strands).

Additionally, both experts emphasized the significance of using color-safe products, but keep in mind that not all color safe products are alike. The trick is to reduce swelling of each strand in the first place!… as quickly as possible! 

What is not told about new color safe products, is that they are not quite the same as SLS from yesteryear, but they also don’t have  a proven track record for color safety that starts the moment you rinse your hair of the tint or direct pigment. 

The trick to increasing hair color molecules that will stay in and on the hair strand lies in the ability to close the cuticle before it gets shampooed away, thus allowing a larger dye load to cure in and on each strand. 

Knowing how to lower the pH of the cuticle and simultaneously clear away the residual peroxide, ammonia, and color “side-chemicals” is crucial! 

This is where TransFix Color Lock Shampoo steps in to handle the above scenario in ONE easy step! 

Sulfate free is great on a daily basis, and not always the problem.  The problem is SLS that is not balanced to the proper pH  that will neutralize the chemicals necessary in tinting. 
Leaving that pH too high on the first shampooing step after rinsing out the color allows the 2nd lathering to remove a large percentage of the dye load that can be locked down in and on the strand. 

By the way, most colorists don’t even know that they are shampooing most of the longevity of hair color away, because the manufacturers WANT you coming back to get another color in 4 weeks! 

TransFix outsmarts them all, and you can too!

So much so, that when you followup with Belegenza, you will find that “pulling color through” becomes a thing of the past! 

Less fade. 

Less chemical exposure on the midshaft and ends. 

More brilliant color depth. 

More strength to each strand over time. 

More color retention overall. 


Though you’ve probably never heard of TransFix, it’s worth giving it a try. 

Once you see the results, you will want to take your color saving efforts to the next level with Color Safe packages by Belegenza!