There’s nothing better than being outdoors in the sun.
Especially if it’s a mild day.
Beyond enjoyment did you know it’s better for you than you realize?
 With the sun you get a natural dose of vitamin D.
Vitamin D is sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight.
It is said up to half an hour of sunlight exposure to your face and forearms should give you enough vitamin D. Although most people can naturally tolerate only 15 minutes due to the melanin’s ability to keep you from burning! So, the lighter you are, the less time you get without sunscreen!
If you plan MORE than 15 minutes keep in mind that SPF protection is calculated from the moment you are exposed “times” the SPF rating.  Before we give you the math, though, it might be safe to grab the sunscreen first, and then understand the math of it. You might just be in the sun on a break reading this blog post, and minutes count!
For simple math, let’s say you have a lotion with SPF 10.
That’s 10 times the protection of your natural 15 minutes  given by your natural melanin.
So, that means you get 150 minutes-if you apply it BEFORE you get into the sun! (Remember this critical factor-BEFORE you get in the sun!)
150 minutes divided by 60 mins in an hour, gives you 2.5 hours, in a perfect world. (Meaning you apply it with perfect coverage, no missed spots, no sweating, no soaking in the pool, or frolic in the salty sea waves, etc!)
This perfect world also means that you put the suncreen on BEFORE you even walked across the courtyard from your hotel room to the coffee bar to get your first cup of joe!
If your face and arms and legs, are exposed to even indirect sunshine that reflects off of all kinds of shiny objects, pool water, ponds, glass windows, each minute is reducing your natural protection which affects the math of the SPF equation!
So, standing in line for your coffee, having walked from your room to the coffee bar eats up more than 1/2 of your natural protection, and you haven’t even gotten your swimsuit on or picked your chaise lounge!
This is why you get fractions of protection and burn like french fry on holiday–even though you used 6,000 SPF or whatever ridiculous SPF factore is “vogue” this summer.
So, back to the basic 10 SPF math equation after coffee run means that on your exposed parts let’s say you walked briskly to the coffee bar in 2 minutes, stood in line for 4 minutes waiting for the cute barrista to create a “heart” out of the cappucino foam, and walked back to your room in 2 minutes, you’ve been exposed a total of 8 minutes. That leaves you more than 1/2 baked for the day already!
So, really you have 7 minutes of natural protection left “times” the 10 SPF, leaving you a whopping 1 hour and 10 minutes before you become a blistered solar specimen on the beach.
ALSO, to keep this 7 minutes, you MUST apply in the darkness of your room. If you walk 10 minutes to the beach or pool and THEN put the suncreen on, you may want to simply start a melanoma future fund.
Yes, you will be burning through your sunscreen due to your natural budget has already been used BEFORE you even got to your highly desired chaise lounge.
In other words, SPF 10 “times” less than zero equals zero…
Maybe you remember the song in 1974, by Billy Preston, “nothing from nothing leaves nothing!”
KNOWING how things really work and how they are SOLD makes a HUGE difference..
That’s our specialty.
KNOWING how things work.
Showing people how to use things properly to get results they desire.
That’s why we are the hair growth experts.
So, if you are still reading and in the sun, your time is up.
Save this page and get out of the sun.
When you get inside we can talk about how to increase your hair’s strength, growth and length.
We START with Aloe, and a total of 17 hair growth factors USED CORRECTLY for your hair and follicles.
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