See the article written in LookinGreenMagazine. There, you will see that the FDA provides more evidence that silicone-derivative deposits were found in groups of women, causing a hardening effect in vital organs. The study was done with women with, and with no history of silicone exposure by the medical community, yet the problem was in both groups lending its cause to be the personal care and cosmetic industries.
Belegenza turned to natural ingredients with no side-effects….

Science and technology available today allow for a return to the tried and true, proven beauty methodology of using all-natural ingredients. Belegenza extracts the effective components of these ingredients omitting all unwanted side effects of such ingredients. The fine, food-grade ingredients, and the unique ways in which they are used, comprise a completely safe and effective methodology for prolonging the beauty of hair and skin . Belegenza uses a proprietary formula which includes essential silks, nut oils, and sea extracts which, when uniquely blended, provide synergistic effects.

“I’ve always had the ability to see the future and because of this, I see that soon, we will begin to deal with the reality of silicone and it’s potential and real dangers to the the human body and our earth systems. So, I stepped up to the plate, against conventional agreement and developed what I see as the natural approach to what will be in demand once the truth is revealed!” –Alan G Eschenburg