“I used your system a couple years ago following my chemotherapy. I never lost my hair completely as my treatment was considered mild. I was pleased with the results but went back to my old shampoo after my hair seemed to recover. Slowly my hair has seemed to thin again, not as bad as during chemo but it’s definitely not like it was after chemo stopped & I had been using your products. I’m going to reorder…Thank you, I’m looking forward to getting back to your shampoo & conditioner on a permanent basis.”– J.H.

How much hair grows back and how quickly is something we have fine tuned.
As exhausting and taxing as battling cancer is, chemo is quite predictable when it comes to hair. 

By the time your last chemotherapy treatment is done, a huge sigh of relief is natural. AND, some rest and relaxation. 

So, this is why you want to know what has been learned about the 68-day Window (link below) following your last chemo treatment. 

Hopefully, you are reading this BEFORE your last treatment, so that you are completely prepared for the best hair growth possible AS SOON AS you have your last treatment. 
IF you are just learning about this, time is of the essence and it’s NOT too late. 

 As you read in the review at the top, J.H. demonstrates how on-target we are with getting results.
The difficulty we have is getting this information to patients before they veer off to conventional shampoos and conditioners thinking it’s safe again. 
J.H. found out that in the 68 days AFTER chemo are critical. 

What’s happening during chemo is that chemo attacks rapidly dividing cells in the body. Those are cancer cells and hair growing cells!
Chemo doesn’t know the difference as it murders the cancer/rapidly dividing cells/hair! 

So, you cannot afford to put ANYTHING else on the scalp and follicles that will hinder growth. Silicones, sulfates, salt, mineral oil, petrolatum, and even certain “hair growth” ingredients that are in very popular products touted for hair growth

This is why we have such success with hair growth before, during and after chemo.
We naturally convince the follicles that everything is fantastic for hair growth.

So the moment the chemo leaves the body, those follicles know
all is well and start growing as soon as the chemo is gone! 

We set the stage the whole time with not only 17 trusted hair growth factors, but at the same time we add NO ingredients that may hinder growth or clog the system of hair growth.

No other products, even the fancy ones do all of this.

BUT, like J.H., people don’t heed our warnings. 

How can people have BETTER hair during chemo with Belegenza than using other products AFTER chemo? 
Read the above again! 
We add NOTHING to slow or clog the follicles.
We add 17 trusted growth factors. 

So, back to when does hair grow back after chemo
It’s up to you.

Use conventional or high end fancily marketed products and get growth, but not as much as it COULD be.

Or, be prepared. 
OR just get started now, and let us show you what’s really possible for you and your hair, now!

By the way, with your purchase, you will get Alan & Cheryl’s private cell/text for personal consultation! 
What other company does this for you and your hair?

Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl! 
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Your Trusted Brother & Sister Does Hair Grow Back After Chemo Experts, 
Alan & Cheryl 


AND, just in case you think…”I’ve never heard of Belegenza before”, and have doubts, print this freebie and read every word. You’ll make the right decision for your hair whether now or in a few days. We hope it’s not AFTER the 68 day window! 

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AND, here’s the link to the 68 day window

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When Does Hair Grow Back After Chemo? How about now! 

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When Does Hair Grow Back After Chemo