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Why bright yellow urine is a good thing!

By now everyone’s heard about bright yellow urine.

Some say it’s simply too many vitamins down the toilet.

What they mean is that you might be taking a lot of vitamins (especially the B’s) and that it’s so much that they are just flushing through your body and down the drain!


If you know a diabetic, you learn that they seem to pee more often.

According to, there are 13 essential vitamins that humans require and they must be gotten from an external source–food or supplements.  Regarding Water Soluble Vitamins-B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, Biotin and Folate, cannot be stored in the body for long periods of time. “Diabetics are often deficient in these vitamins since they pass greater amounts of urine daily. As their body tries to get rid of extra sugar, diabetics lose more water-soluble vitamins than most others. That’s why diabetics need to to get these vitamins daily in doses larger than what normal people need.”

So, if you are seeing bright yellow, that is a pretty good sign that you have more of some of the B Vitamins running around without things to do, like processing the sugars and carbs through your body.

Now that we have a bit of perspective, as you know, we always encourage an abundance of the RIGHT hair-building-blocks.

AND, before we go any further, remember we are NOT medical officials, be aware of our disclaimer.*

That being said, that people get great results from our information, be sure you confirm it with your physician!  We love that people print out our lists and ideas and get their doctors to give their thumbs up!  ( be sure to keep reading and scroll down for the free lists that will pump up your hair growth efforts! )

Think back….

When we are young we are loaded with energy, right?!

But as we age we seem to have less and less, probably due to our food choices, food additives, and our increased intake of carbs and sugars that take enormous loads of nutrients to process into energy.

Most will reach for vitamin B12 to get that extra boost.

It works by metabolizing carbohydrates after a meal.

But, as you know from us, it’s never just a magic-bullet deal.  It’s about proper balance which we know a lot about!

Here’s a interesting bit about B12 for hair growth and more.

Did you know that based on studies premature greying is due to vitamin B12 deficiency?

An unbalanced diet can be the culprit so if you feel this is happening to you a change in diet can help.

So, sure if it’s JUST Vitamin B12 for hair growth is the ONE thing you are deficient in, then you will get awesome results.

BUT, probably, because of the way the body uses Vitamins in general, it takes a bit of this, and a bit of that to keep the processes of the body going.  So, if you are stressing out, depleting your Vitamin B12, there won’t be an abundance of Vitamin B12 for hair growth!

I remember listening to Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, authors of Life Extension: A Practical and Scientific Approach in a lecture.  Forgive my paraphrasing. They gave an example of the protocol of Vitamin usage in the body to illustrate how a deficiency in one vitamin causes a bottle-neck in the function of the body.  In other words, IF…. only IF… Vitamins were used by hair follicles in alphabetical order, and one was missing, that would be the one to add in order to get the hair growth going again. (This explains why only SOME people get results from certain remedies, and yet others using the same thing do NOT get results.)

So, if your follicles have a proper amount of Vitamin A, and the protocol needs “x” amount of Vitamin B to complete the hair growth, and then y amount of Vitamin C, then Vitamin D, then Vitamin E, and so on….  This would be an easy way to figure out how satisfy your follicles for faster hair growth…   So, if Person A doesn’t have the above ratio completely happening, there is a bottle-neck in the protocol process for healthy hair–maybe that is Vitamin C for Person A.  Taking MORE Vitamin B will make no difference in Person A’s situation.  Person A needs more Vitamin C in this case so that the bottle-neck backup of Vitamin B is utilized properly.

To further illustrate, Person B may be deficient in Vitamin D.  Taking more Vitamin B or Vitamin C is NOT the trick for them.  Therefore, it’s a matter of distinguishing the actual missing nutrient, and then balancing them ALL in the proper ratios to complete the protocol!

So, this is why your one friend swears by Vitamin B, one swears by Biotin, and another swears by Vitamin D….and why you try them all and none work for you!

It’s about finding YOUR deficiency and balancing it out.

We realize it’s quite a job and takes a lot of time to figure it out.

So, a food diary, which includes EVERYTHING you eat and drink (meds, too!), a stress diary, an exercise diary, and even include vaping and smoking, too! …. and yes… alcohol, even if it is Organic Wine!  LOL!

Each of the above things take more of certain Vitamins and such to process.

This is why Metformin (diabetic med) users often are deficient in B12. It takes more B12 for hair growth and to process the sugars.

This is why collagen breaks down for alcohol users.  It takes more Vitamin C to process it.

This is why smokers see crow’s feet faster. Smoking uses more nutrition, leaving less for the skin.

This is also, why we dedicated our lives to awesome hair.

We figured that if you focus on GROWING your best hair possible, you have done ENOUGH of the right things for your body to build that awesome hair.

We believe that your vital organs get priority to your nutritional supply.  Once all of that is taken care of, what’s left goes to your hair follicles.  If you have enough for that, you have awesome hair.

So we believe that a good sign of that is bright yellow pee!

So, get with your doctor or health practitioner and up your game.

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We realize the above recommendations may take a lot of work.

With GrowOUT, we’ve done all that for you…. with over 17 trusted hair growth ingredients, our stats for hair growth are through the roof!

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