Working with celebrities has confirmed a theory on what I believe about beauty.

I believe beauty can be enormously enhanced or diminished by ones thinking.
How many times have you seen a person who is visually beautiful, but you find unappealing to be around?  On the other hand, you’ve certainly encountered someone who isn’t the classic “beauty” but IS beautifully attractive.


The hidden key to beauty is in the thinking. You know, the voice only one can hear in one’s head. Like the one you are listening to as you read…. It might be saying, “oh, yeah, whatever; what’s this guy talking about; why am I wasting time reading this?”  Let’s call it the ‘voice-over.’

Though I cannot hear what each person’s voice-over is, I have interviewed enough people (and celebrities)  to come to some conclusions.  My most important conclusion is that the most attractive celebrities/people, both in person and on-screen, are the ones who are thinking loving thoughts toward and about others… and the fine detail that makes them beautifully attractive is that they have those loving thoughts about themselves. They actually have included themselves in the group worth loving!  This is a fine detail that makes a stellar difference.

Loving others, except myself, vs. Loving others including myself.

So many love others, but when you dig deep in their beliefs, they often listen to the voice-over that they “aren’t good enough, not as beautiful as, if only I were thinner, etc.”


What to do?

1.   Take 30 minutes to write down all the things your voice-over says as you sit in front of a mirror.

To improve your beautifully attractiveness, stop the voice-over on a regular basis, and replace it with things you could think about yourself.   When it says, “I’m too fat,” you can just let it be a noise like a dog barking in the background, and then have your voice-over replace it with, “I feel fantastic or even I’m just right!”

The voice-over is continuous, as you will notice, and it has been in action for a long time, so you will have to be diligent in retraining and re-scripting it!

Then, as you go about your days, notice that you are getting compliments, and by all means, accept them!  Write them down and include them in the new voice-over script!

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