Watching your child grow every day is a wonderful experience. 

But when they reach their teen years it can be a rough time. Especially if they are a girl and hair loss has come into the picture. 

It’s frustrating and embarrassing and can cause emotional trauma at such a critical time in their lives. 

So what would cause hair loss in teenage girls?

Quite often it’s simply medication. 

Moms, you remember that when your hormones fluctuated with pregancy, you may have had some of the best hair growth of your life since you were a teen.
The point of this is that during puberty for young ladies, hair growth is typically awesome.

So, if that’s NOT the case, then the first place to look is at medication intake. 

Here’s a common medication situation–

Teenage years involves acne for most, even though it can occur at any time in your life. 
Teens are often prescribed a potent oral retinol-based acne med which affects hair growth.
These prescription meds that are prescribed for pimples, thyroid and other conditions can be a common cause of this hair loss. 
Strike one.
Contraceptives have also been found to be a reason for hair loss in teenage girls. 
The pill is known for thinning out of hair and is even prescribed to help teens who have excessive hair growth on their bodies. 
Add that to teenage years and hormone imbalances and it’s a problem that has a negative impact on hair. 
Strike two. 
It is good to note, though, it doesn’t affect every girl on the pill.

Changing shampoos and silicone based products are found to slow
hair growth, too.

Strike three.
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