Soy has its place, BUT you have to decide if you are worth it or not.

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Soy? Also laced into foods and called Protein Isolate or Hydrolyzed Protein. Beware!



You can decide once you read this…

But first…...

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Back to the soy saga…

Soy is everywhere.

You can find it in salad dressings, fried and stir-frys, baked goods. It’s even found in protein bars and tofu.

Soy oil used topically can be safe …less the toxic by-products used to extract it. The food suppliers don’t want us to know the bad stuff because it’s a cheap source to fry up foods while stretching food costs. So how do they mask it? They use pseudonyms to fool consumers.

Watch out!

Soy is a cheap protein too!

While soy may help you lose weight it starves your body while trying to eliminate these unassimilable proteins.

RESULTS? ….  Thinning hair!

Researchers are also proving that soy protein isolate may clog your hair follicles!

Unfortunately, you will watch your hair thin out.
Not only in the number of hairs, but also
in the thin-ness of each individual hair.

So if you want thinning hair…Happy Soy Eating!

Alan & Cheryl

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