Just when you thought it was safe to go out to eat……

Here’s a slick one…. 

When I, Alan, was in high school, I worked the weekends in the local pancake house, The Village growth, hair loss, faster hair growth,  

To have a corporate national franchise in our little town was quite something

I learned all kinds of things, many not worth mentioning, but also, some things that to this day, were warning signs. 

I remember our boss, Bill Voltz, screaming all the time…”FOOD COSTS!” which was his mantra for making the servings of everything at the pre-set serving size or smaller, and then filling up the plate with sprigs of parsley or a leaf of lettuce to make the plate LOOK filled with food

From the food window, between our service side and the cooking side, I remember seeing the cooks spraying non-stick “oils” to keep the food sliding off the waffle irons, and griddle like hockey pucks on the ice! 

Back then, the push was to remove the so-called dangerous cholorfluorocarbon propellant that was supposedly killing the ozone.

But there was more mischief in that push than met the eye. 

It was the cover-up at its best

Spray oil was making its way OUT of the aerosol versions to be replaced by the NEW GENERATION of oils, call silicone!  


You have been being poisoned for years in restaurants, prepared foods and such for years! 

So, those of you who think the silicone industry is all inert, safe, and friendly, think again! 

Since the beauty industry got its supply chain hooked on the garbage, they also realized the could sell tons of silicone derivatives to every restaurant and food service operation in the world

Don’t believe it? 

Last year, Cheryl, her husband, Larry, and I,  stayed overnight at a reputable hotel that had “self-service” breakfast included. 
AND, we don’t know about you, but the smell of a fresh waffle on a “holiday” seems decadent and almost LEGAL, given our stringent standards of foods, vitamins, and potions that we take in on a daily basis!

So, I’m just about to make a self-serve waffle, and knew that it was Franken-food to begin with, but when I woke up from the sweet aroma intoxication, I picked up the cooking spray, as was mandated by the waffle ironing instructions posted like billboards in the aromatized waffling area! 

Ingredients: Water, Silicone, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl & Propyl Paraben, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate! 

(We are ONLY talking about silicone today, but hmmmm… we’ve got quite a choir of hair killing singers in this convenient “grill-conditioning non-stick waffle spray!”….and every restaurant uses similar sprays for grilling and all! Another set of stories for another day…….)

NOTE the front label to prove this is not a hair product that we got confused about. It is really a food-service item! And if you are using P*A*M or knock off at home, get rid of it!

But that’s not all…..

WE know that sugar, flour, eggs and oil, drowned in fake maple flavored corn syrup would send our bodies into emergency sugar high, sugar low and metabolic fright, but that’s what livers and gallbladders are for….once in a LONG while. 

But, nothing in the body is equipped to process out the silicone derivatives.  Even if you ask a doctor or nutritionist, what deals with it, they’ll look at you like you have lost your mind, and just say, *F*D*A* allows it because it is harmless, which we KNOW for sure is the blanket lie they tell, because they haven’t taken the time to put 2 and 2 together! 

Could unprocessed silicone be what is in all the tumors that appear in bodies? 

That’s a whole “nuther” subject for a “nuther” time! 

So, if silicone laced foods are plugging up your body, imagine what’s happening to your innocent, dedicated follicles who simply want to serve you and make the world a more beautiful place

Slather them in silicone and see what happens. 

At least most silicones are shiny, so thinning hair and baldness will show off the coating of silicone for a shiny scalp….YIKES!!!  

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And, when you are out to eat again, we’ll be cheering psychic-lly, if that’s a word, for you to not be harmed by your delicious foods!

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