We’re Freaking OUT! 

Not over his new haircut…. 


Over the click-bait trickery of Google headlines that are exagerating his actions. 

On iHeart, one of his FREAKED out fans says: “IDK if I SHOULD SCREAM, cry  OR THROW UP.”

Well, that’s pretty serious! 

But here’s the real deal…. 

He basically got a buzz cut. 

It’s NOT shaven. 

He still has hair and you can’t see his scalp because it’s cut short, but NOT shaven! 

But even if so, he’s a great looking guy either way. 

This kind of reaction from a lunatic-fanatic is what has so many fearful especailly when they get the diagnosis of cancer. 

What will they (my friends, family and strangers) say about me with no hair! 

The dramatic headlines make it seem as if he all of a sudden became repulsive enough to cause her to “throw up” at the sight of him because he has less hair!

In our opinion, she gets the famous hand twist fist and good-ridance “BYE” salute like Bon Qui-Qui is famous for! 

I’m sure Shawn and his agents are loving the PR push, but it’s this kind of attitude that makes it more difficult for people who are seriously dealing with hair loss and that’s a sad spot for us. 

THE GOOD news, though, is that if Shawn wants to grow it back in record time to win the approval of the lunatic who’s vomiting in the privacy ( we hope ) of her own home, he can always turn to GrowOUT

And, for those of you who are dealing with hair loss, hair thinning, chemo hair loss, we can certainly supercharge your hair growth efforts as we’ve done for countless others who are not only thrilled with their results, but also have more confidence than before their hair loss. 

As you already know, we take the time to find out what is at the real source of your hair concerns, and work with you as much as you need to get results with hair growth, and at the same time help you develop your winning attitude…for life! 

So, though this blog from us sounds a bit like a “rant,” it’s because no one needs one more tricky headline, or one more person adding to the already upsetting situation that someone may be feeling about their hair! 

So, if you are thinning, afraid of thinning or simply ready to take your hair to the next level, we’re here for YOU! 
Get started now! 

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Alan & Cheryl 

Does Hair Grow Back after Chemo
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Shawn Mendes Buzz Cut /Shave, Fear of: Does Hair Grow Back after Chemo
Does Hair Grow Back after Chemo