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We grew up in the times when products were developed BY professionals for professionals.   Those product lines became famous, because we salon professionals were promoting them. Back then, they worked better than mainstream brands.. And then, the BIG BRANDS bought them, reformulated them into silicone and nasties-based products and blasted them into the mainstream.  Diversion is what it’s called, and now the whole category of brands is owned by a very few BIG BRANDS.

So, let’s back up again.  Back then, the original products (Redken, Matrix, Sebastian, Aveda, etc.),  were a way of escalating your salon apart from other salons.  By offering the finest products, your salon quickly became the leader and known as the finest in your city!

What happened?  They got swallowed up by mass market brands, and got either reformulated, watered, or they would spin off a new line to compete with it, or simply got discontinued, depending on which company swallowed it!

Fast forward to today and what happened?   Salons no longer had any clout, because “Suzy-Client” could now go get the new version from the mall, drugstore, or now, Amazon for cheaper, thus boxing YOU, the professional out of a stream of income and clout!


With Belegenza, we have taken the best of the original professional concepts and blended it with today’s market, and boxed out the mass market fakes! 

The biggest reason that the grocery & drug stores win out, is because they are showing their “massive investment of inventory” on aisles which subconsciously tells the masses that it’s a good thing.  It’s socially acceptable.  It’s proven.  Everyone’s doing it.  YET, they only have people believing that because of their incredibly clever marketing and massive discounts, to lure the unsuspecting client who remembers paying for the original products when they were the best the market offered.

THAT’S no longer true, and you know it!

You’ll especially know it when you use Belegenza, and see how your cutting, coloring and styling escalates with nothing more than shampoo, conditioner, treatment and styling products from the NEW GENERATION of Belegenza Natural Hair Care!

Who will certainly know, are your clients when they see that their hair has gone to the next level in ONE visit.  The only thing to say when they compliment themselves ( and you for the great new hair ) is, “If you want your hair to look this awesome, all you need is a “1, 2, 3, 4 package of Belegenza products to take home with you… and no, you can’t get it in any stores!”

Yeah, but what about online?  ”

Why wait for it when you can walk out right now with it and it’s guaranteed to be the AUTHENTIC Belegenza products that I used on you today?”

(That’s about the biggest upfront objection clients have, and that’s a no-brainer, right?)

So….  as stylists and salon owners to stylist/ salon owners…. check this out….


 You can carry these natural winners, and grow your business easier and better than ever!

  • No minimums
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Geared for upscale salons and no drugstore competition
  • Extraordinary performance on hair
  • Pulls in new customer traffic due to exclusivity and word of mouth buzz!

Belegenza CLEARLY beats out the synthetic chemical top name brands AND the natural category, too, especially those on shopping channels.  See how we compare to the top brands, and why we are CLEARLY the best and fastest growing choice among the finest. (Click here to see the outrageous chart, now).

Belegenza is the choice of the Red Carpet Elite, raising your image as well.

By NOT choosing Belegenza as your salon offerings, you say that you are just like the other salons…and stores… and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t mind fitting in as regular and acceptable.

When you are ready to take your skills, salon, reputation and profession to the next level, this is CERTAINLY THE WAY TO DO IT!

Don’t you think it’s time to work with real products, made by real stylists for real salon professionals, like you!?

Before we address some of the possible pitfalls, like “what if I get them started, and then they buy it online?”  “what if someone has a huge discount sale and sells to my customer?”  “what if y’all get bought out by Paul Mitchell or someone big?”  “what if __________?”   We’ll get to that….


But first, why would

you say YES to Belegenza now? 

Why take a chance on a young, not well known brand??

Let’s get real about that!

As times changed, and products were diverted to drugstores, supply houses, and into the discount houses, the salons who had built the demand were then cast aside and profits went to the diversion market.  The manufacturers to this day say they are doing what they can to stop it, but we all know that it just keeps getting worse.  Each version of the “we are trying to stop diversion” game, leads to more of the same, and who’s left with minimums?  Small business owners, like you and us, the fine salons that promote products out of our love for offering the best services and products!   Who promotes it? YOU, and then who makes the profits?  The drugstores and supply houses, and ultimately the manufacturer who keeps making loads of products that are in demand by the “minimums” that are set up to force that demand.

If you’ve had enough of that, it’s time to partner with us.  Here are a few reasons why.

As old fashioned as it seems, we’ve built our business to restore this professional clout for salon owners and other business professionals, and also to be in the real world that includes online retailers. We have been developing our business to help drive customers to  YOU, our bricks and mortar salon professionals, and at the same time are driving customers INTO your salon by promoting demand by customers in your area who rather picking up products in a real salon, like yours, and talking with a real salon professional, like YOU!

By the way, we have cancelled wholesale accounts since the beginning for simple reasons.  If they ran a sale for more than 20% off, we stopped THEIR wholesale orders.  One company was buying from another company–so we cancelled both of them and as soon as they were out of the back inventory, they had no choice but to stop selling Belegenza.  End of story.  Many times, they’ve tried and we’ve stopped them, even when they tried to duplicate us….we cannot divulge the identities of the celebrity or companies for legal reasons

Bottom line:  We want you to showcase our products, so that you can reap the profits, and increase the growth of your retail business with exclusive products.  WE want to send customers to YOU! 

We offer the product of choice by those who could have ANYTHING in the world. Belegenza is loved by our famous (and not yet famous) customers.

Our products are unique because we are the originator of the silicone-free era, and when it comes to natural products, Belegenza WORKS!   We haven’t changed the package to look “green friendly, natural or organic” with the same ingredients as before.  We developed them as food grade natural products to begin with and have stuck with our principles from the very start!

We are loved by the finest stylists, celebrities, and even the finest Hollywood circle of hairstylists and makeup artists worldwide.

You won’t find us in drugstores, nor discount big box stores, nor at the run of the mill beauty supply houses.

You won’t find us sold out to another company  that reformulates it and tricks you into buying the packaging with synthetic cheapened formulas inside.

No minimums, either!

“Love the products from Belegenza! I have spoken with Alan, an owner, on several occasions – he is always so pleasant & gets back to you right away any questions that you may have.  I am a hairstylist who uses their products for myself & my clients.  
I have clients who have fine hair, thinning hair and others who have completed their chemo treatments that use the GrowOUT line❤
Also, for skin care….I LOVE their Simply Young Refining & Skin Tightening Spray!!! 
Great company, excellent customer service – highly recommend Belegenza ?????“~~Denise G., Connecticut

Would you like to be able to talk with Alan and Cheryl, the founders, and formulators of the product?

Won’t it make you proud that you really have an  exclusive product line that works on any type of hair?

Imagine having online access to get your products directly from Belegenza, and can have products quickly, easily and hassle-free! 

So it makes perfect sense as Belegenza  makes your work look its best, right? 

….And imagine your income doubling or more because of repeat purchases for themselves, their friends and family, too!

Yes, we sell online. But clients need to pay for shipping, handling, no discounts*, and it takes up to a week to get it. When people realize we keep our prices at full retail, AND charge for shipping  and handling, they automatically search for product availability in their zip code which means YOUR SALON! When people see YOU in our directory, they are more than likely to purchase locally and obtain products right away! We are happy to drive those customers to your salon and business, because more people walking into your business means more chances they will use your services, and we are proud that we have helped your salon grow!

Let us show you how easy it is to carry Belegenza:
○ Qualify for free shipping and handling for wholesale orders $100*** or more within Continental U.S.A.
○ Easy ordering by phone, email or online with your secure account
○ Customer, Stylist, Salon support and education by phone, email, and/or text
○ Shelf talkers, pamphlets, brochures, product usage cards are available, to assist clients and stylists in best and “off label” special uses
○ Free listing in our directory with all business contact information, including your Twitter handle and website location


To seal the deal, we’ve put together a great and value packed Introduction Package for $395, including shipping and handling** (retail value of $522).  YOU will get to see for yourself.  You will discover why countless high-end celebs, their stylists, their studios, their families, etc. choose Belegenza. It’s especially exciting given that celebs get tons of gifts by all the major companies, and yet, they still turn to Belegenza!

If you are an independent contractor in a salon gallery, we have a special package for you, for $95 ($146 retail value!) including shipping and handling**

We realize you’ve tried everything, already, and you are out of time and are tired of trying new things all the time.   We got tired, too!  That’s why we created Belegenza.

“Once I (Alan) had to confront that I may have to give up my profession due to health issues from using (and working for) top brand name products, I had to make food grade products work, or look for another profession!   We made this from food.  Not chemicals.  It’s safe.  It saved my profession for me, and at the same time elevated my career, my styling ability, and PROFITS!  It was like I had been using crayons to do my art.  Once we discovered the patent-pending ingredients, they made the very hair that was my canvas respond like masterpiece hair! To this day, I’m still in awe of the effectiveness of our products, and am proud to be able to share them with you!”–Alan

Click on the “Chat with Alan”   tab to the right, now,  to let us know your are ready to get started, or call 760-518-8823 and speak directly with Alan.

“My doctor told me that I would have to leave the beauty business.  I ended up with breast cancer, a hysterectomy, and serious allergies.  My doctor kept telling me, “It’s something in the salon!”   I kept saying, “I can’t leave my business. I’m too old to start over, and I love the beauty business.”  I remembered how my hands were perfectly fine when I shampooed my clients and myself with Belegenza, and how in just 90 days, my hair was transformed into hair that was growing and people were complimenting me all the time.  Then, I got interested in other products, and before long my hair was not so good, and then I had to deal with my health, which took about a year to get to feeling normal.  It was the toughest thing I had ever done.  I kept remembering though, that when I could get myself back together, I had to start using Belegenza, again.  They had introduced me long ago to their mission to make salons and hair products safe for stylists and all clients, and the environment.  So, I am BACK, and I am so grateful for them.  I remembered that Alan had allergies on his hands which is what started his and Cheryl’s quest to make safe excellent products so that we ALL could be beautiful and safe.  To me, it’s the Rolls Royce of natural hair care, and even though I feels it’s expensive, it is worth every penny. I am happy that I can use their products to make my and my clients’ hair awesome, but also do it with the safe ingredients that they have taken such care to make.  ALSO, I get to stay in my profession which I love and take great care of my clients, too.   So, anyone who is skeptical about Belegenza– you can call me!  I have more to tell, but these products need to be known by everyone, and I will tell you my whole story, and when you take the chance, you will be thankful, too!  ~ “Nikkie Lee, Innovative Hair Designs
For things to change, you have to do something new.  Now is your time!  Take action now and let us help you grow your business! 

*Belegenza does not run sales on, nor do we allow businesses to discount Belegenza more than 20% of MSRP.  (Remember, if your salon offers Belegenza at regular prices, you are enticing because they no longer have to pay for shipping and handling. IF you also run a sale of up to 20% off online prices, the customer is even more motivated to purchase from YOU by saving the discounted amount AND shipping and handling!  See how we’ve set things up for you to WIN and GROW your profits!)

**Domestic shipping only. Surcharge for Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

***Online retailers must exceed $500 to qualify for free shipping.

Online retailers must never publish prices less than 20% of current MSRP published prices at  Failure results in immediate termination of account with Belegenza LLC.  – Eco-friendly products and services.

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