“My doctor told me that I would have to leave the beauty business.  I ended up with breast cancer, a hysterectomy, and serious allergies.  My doctor kept telling me, “It’s something in the salon!”   I kept saying, “I can’t leave my business. I’m too old to start over, and I love the beauty business.”  I remembered how my hands were perfectly fine when I shampooed my clients and myself with Belegenza, and how in just 90 days, my hair was transformed into hair that was growing and people were complimenting me all the time.  Then, I got interested in other products, and before long my hair was not so good, and then I had to deal with my health, which took about a year to get to feeling normal.  It was the toughest thing I had ever done.  I kept remembering though, that when I could get myself back together, I had to start using Belegenza, again.  They had introduced me long ago to their mission to make salons and hair products safe for stylists and all clients, and the environment.  So, I am BACK, and I am so grateful for them.  I remembered that Alan had allergies on his hands which is what started his and Cheryl’s quest to make safe excellent products so that we ALL could be beautiful and safe.  To me, it’s the Rolls Royce of natural hair care, and even though I feels it’s expensive, it is worth every penny. I am happy that I can use their products to make my and my clients’ hair awesome, but also do it with the safe ingredients that they have taken such care to make.  ALSO, I get to stay in my profession which I love and take great care of my clients, too.   So, anyone who is skeptical about Belegenza– you can call me!  I have more to tell, but these products need to be known by everyone, and I will tell you my whole story, and when you take the chance, you will be thankful, too!  ~ “Nikkie Lee, Innovative Hair Designs