Are you someone who loves experimenting with hair color and chemical treatments but worries about potential burns, stains, or allergic reactions?

If so, we’ve got some exciting news for you!

Say hello to ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor – a groundbreaking solution that will change the way you experience hair color forever.

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BREAKTHROUGH layer of protection against harsh chemicals in colors, relaxers & bleaches! Obviously the best chances of safety during chemical services in the salon or at home!

Imagine having a protective layer that shields your scalp from the harmful effects of hair dyes, relaxers, and bleaches.

A layer that ensures perfect color coverage without any stains or allergic sensitivities – sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

At Belegenza, our mission is to provide you with the most advanced protection available on the market.

We understand that traditional hair color products can be harsh, and many contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through your scalp, but of course, no one is supposed to know — and we are NOT saying this is true…we’re just sayin’! 

This is where ProTect comes to the rescue!

ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor by Belegenza acts as a barrier, preventing harmful chemicals (with a very clever innovation)  from fully contacting your scalp during the coloring process.

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YOUR BEST chances to avert allergic reaction, lessen toxic absorption, and reduce staining.

No more worrying about relaxer burns or itching after getting your color touch-up.

With ProTect, you can relax in comfort with virtually any discomfort or fear of irritation.

This is a miracle for those with a hair dye allergy!

“I can hardly believe it. I’ve had a “crusty-like” few spots on my scalp for years, and it would itch terribly after color. Now? It’s getting less and less, plus it never itches or gets irritated anymore as long as I have my colorist use Protect on my scalp and hairline first! What a miracle!”–S.J., Sugar Land, TX

But ProTect is not just for hair color enthusiasts – it’s also a game-changer for anyone concerned about the hidden hazards of beauty products or with a known hair dye allergy. 

Many commercial hair colors contain ammonia and a cocktail of toxic chemicals that have been shown to penetrate your skin and enter your bloodstream.

This is especially concerning for pregnant women, who want to be extra cautious about the products they use! (Interesting that doctors use this caution for the baby’s sake, but don’t really put 2 and 2 together about the long-term effects on women in general!) 

Medical Mystery Solver-Holisitic Specialist, Inna Topiler advises using low-ammonia hair color and visiting well-ventilated salons.

With ProTect, you can take your safety measures to the next level, especially if you have a hair dye allergy. 

By applying ProTect directly to your scalp before using any hair color, bleach, or relaxer creams, you create a protective barrier that slows down the absorption of harmful chemicals, reducing potential risks.

Using ProTect alongside low-chemical hair color is a win-win situation.

You can enjoy beautiful hair without compromising on safety and quality.

For pregnant women, this is especially important to know that  ProTect  can significantly reduce the chances of chemicals absorbing through the scalp.

Applying ProTect is a breeze – simply add it to your regular hair routine by applying it directly to your scalp before any chemical treatments.

It’s that simple and easy!
And so well worth the effort! 

We must stress that some individuals may have a hair dye allergy or sensitivities to certain chemicals, and in such cases, we recommend avoiding the use of colors, tints, bleaches, relaxers, keratins, etc.

However, if you choose to use ProTect, you should probably do a patch test, to be sure it is protecting you enough from the tint chemical cocktail!
Tint, bleach and relax responsibly! 

Wondering how ProTect works?

Think of it like applying oil and flour to a cake pan – it creates a barrier that prevents the cake from sticking while ensuring it bakes perfectly.

Similarly, ProTect acts as a barrier, slowing harmful chemicals from seeping through to your scalp while still allowing the hair to absorb the color.

Rest assured, ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor is carefully formulated with scientifically named ingredients to ensure a strong and effective barrier against harmful coloring ingredients. Some of these ingredients include Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, and Silica.

So, if you’re looking for a solution that will transform your hair color experience and keep your scalp safe, ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor is the answer.

Embrace a new era of haircare, and let your style shine with confidence!

Say goodbye to worries and hello to stunning, protected hair and scalp and continue to add color and sparkle to your pallete of hair possibilities! 

Get your ProTect Base Cream & Stain Resistor now and experience the difference firsthand.

Your hair and scalp will thank you for it!

Protect Base Cream & Stain Resistor for Hair Dye Allergy

Allergic Reaction to Hair Dye? Unlock Secret to Safe Hair Color: Introducing ProTect Base Cream Stain Resistor

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