Fun fact.

The modern hair gel was invented in the 1960s.

Sixty plus years later there are so many to choose from. Unfortunately, most of these are bad for your hair.


We’ll tell you in a few and who is in the background making good in the world…after the fact! 

Picture it!
The year is 1948 and the best actress Oscar winner is Olivia de Havilland for The Heiress, which also stars Montgomery Clift. This film has Olivia as a naive young woman who falls in love with a handsome young man, played by Clift, despite the objections of her emotionally abusive father who suspects the man of being a fortune hunter. It’s a great watch!

Beautiful hair was associated with Ms. de Havilland and Volumizing Package by Belegenza will take you to her level.
But back then, it was Dippity-do, that all the stars and stylists were using.

If you used it, you’ll remember it was pink and dried the hair into a stiff postion that almost made the hair feel as if it were going to crack off the head!  LOL! 

When we met our chief formulator, and Cheryl asked if he could improve our PerForm Gel concept within our exacting standards, he nodded his head “yes” and smiled very wide.  
She then asked, “Have you any experience with making hair gels?

…to which he replied, “Have you ever heard of a little gel called Dippity-do?
That was my first hair gel.” 

And, that was the next chapter of our illustrious hair products story! 

dippity do, perform control Styling Gel, silicone free
Credit: Centura Brands

With PerForm, no longer will your hair be limp and lifeless.

No longer will your hair lack volume and bounce.

No longer will your hair be crunchy, frizzy, and dull.

Soft control that makes your hair look and feel as if it’s in love with itself, attracting onlookers left and right! 

With this package your hair will be clean from buildup, your hair will be springy and lightweight, and your hair will lock out humidity.

Most gels are made of PVP. Just think liquid plastic.

It is like putting a layer of plastic over your garden to hold in the moisture. While good for a short time, it eventually will kill your plants. 

When a layer of PVP/liquid plastic seals the lip of the follicle, you might get a few days of fuller LOOKING hair, but over time, as that follicle is sealed off, it’s just a matter of time before that hair falls out permanently!

Like seedlings trying to grow through a layer of plastic wrap over the soil, they simply wilt and die.

So, the next time you are slathering your gel on to make it look fuller, realize that you may be smothering the few follicles that might still be growing hair. 

With PerForm Control Styling Gel, featured in the Volumizing Package by Belegenza, smothering your follicle is not a concern.

Don’t wait to try!

Get started now. 

Volumizing Package by Belegenza (by the way, always leading the world into a new generation of awesome hair)! 

Alan & Cheryl

P.S. Special thanks to our chief formulator!

Dippity-do? Chemist/Creator Creates PerForm Control Styling Gel with NEW Exacting Chemical Free Approach Hair Gel!

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