How to Condition relaxed hair after Sodium Hydroxide Lye Perm with natural moisture moisturizer

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It’s not about good hair, it’s about healthy hair! We all have preferences, and there are all kinds of belief systems around natural hair, relaxed hair, etc.
Let’s attend to the common denominator here. What will make curly hair as strong as possible so that if you choose to relax or perm it, it turns out great without breakage?

Due to the twists and turns of the cuticle layer of the hair, the core of the hair is at risk, whether it stays natural or is relaxed. There are microscopic openings that leave these strands vulnerable to sodium hydroxide and colors more than straighter textures of hair. If you choose to relax, which is very damaging (and can burn your scalp and follicles) you must consider several things. One, those cuticle openings must be filled with elements that keep humidity from wrecking your style, and two, to be able to control the sodium from overlapping the last touch-up AND to keep the sodium from entering your follicles during the processing. Over time, sodium can burn away your natural protective layer of skin around the hair at the scalp level, and when that happens, it allows the sodium hydroxide to damage the root of the follicle. Eventual balding. You’ve seen it. When the scalp begins to shine, you are on your way to more trouble. You must recondition your hair, but even more importantly you must nourish your scalp to restore that layer of natural protection that gets torn away each time you do a perm.

Grease just isn’t enough. It helps, but Belegenza has another secret in ProTect Base Cream and Stain Resistor that goes a step beyond any base cream on the market. But even after this base cream business, you still must replenish the scalp’s healthy environment as soon as possible so that your scalp can do what it does best… grow hair!

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener and GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray work together to nourish the scalp for maximum healthy conditions for both the scalp and the hair. Easily used, GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray, with its direct applicator nozzler, can be used daily in the most important areas, like the sides, hairline and top of the head, without wrecking your style. Your scalp will thank you with healthier hair growth.

Between touch-up perms, Simply Smooth is a very versatile cream to block humidity, progressively soften your curl patterns, and spot treat areas that get out of hand before it’s really time for a touch-up, like the front hairline, part line, or “kitchens.” (Yes, we said it!) Many find they can extend the time between touchups, but don’t tell your stylist, as they want you back as soon as possible!

There are several videos on YouTube on different ways to use Simply Smooth/Simply Straight, so feel free to find your way through them, and then maybe you will want to do a video to show others what you’ve discovered!

We’ve developed so many products for this hair texture we want to keep it simple the first time. We’re pretty sure you’ll be back, so before you go, we will mention one more product that if it were the only thing you got, it would have to be this one... RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment. This conditioner is like nothing you’ve ever used before. Period. Soft feeling, smooth hair that seems almost too soft when wet, comes to life during styling, leaving hair responsive, shiny, healthy, and as most tell us….it DOES feel like “good hair!” So, it’s about healthy hair, and that’s good hair!

1  GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener: SLS free shampoo that is energized with the nutritional factors that encourage your healthiest scalp ever, allowing your scalp to do what it does naturally and best…grow hair!

2  RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment: Beyond hot oils, protein reconstructors, and moisturizers, this blend of food-grade conditioning agents go into and around the openings of the cuticle penetrating according to the porosity of the hair. The hair will pull the most important parts from this conditioner resulting in hair that is immediately stronger, balanced, and shines with an inner glow rather than a greasy cover-up. Perfect moisture balance resists humidity absorption, thus longer lasting smooth, and perfectly responsive hair.

3  GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray: A concentrated burst of nutrition designed for the scalp and follicles. Like body-building, you have to eat right to get the best results. This energizer provides nutrition so that the scalp can build its healthiest hair possible. This is especially important when you’ve had to compromise it with relaxers, perms, or even colors. Build back the strength in your ability to grow…healthier and stronger hair.

4  Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker: Based on Vit-C Complex, this cream can be used as a blow dry cream or setting agent to block humidity and progressively soften curl patterns. Gentle, yet effective, can be used between touch-ups on edges and part lines for extending the time between touch-ups and is completely safe to use over relaxed hair.  Hair responds and feels soft to the touch and holds styles longer. You will love this styling cream and the confidence you’ll have!

To get started, you could buy these items separately, costing $164.00. In this package, you get them for $148 with free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

We mentioned the ProTect Base Cream and Stain Resistor ($38) which will last a super long time, so we don’t have it in the package. We recommend you remember to add it at checkout and take advantage of the free shipping that comes automatically with the package now!

“All formulas are based on a simple philosophy: Food is common to all people, and there are essentials that we all need to live. Hair has common characteristics in all humans. We address those common needs in all types of hair, and that’s what makes our formulas great for all types and textures!”

For more about how Alan and Cheryl use nutrition for growing hair as fast as possible and what their beliefs are for healthy scalps, visit their blog and read How To Grow Hair Faster: The GrowOUT Diet now!

1 review for How to Condition relaxed hair after Sodium Hydroxide Lye Perm with natural moisture moisturizer

  1. Theresa H., OH

    “I was using Simply Smooth humidity blocker, for a year and it is wonderful, then I took a break from Simply Smooth and used Keratin treatments for three months, which made my hair look thin.

    I have stopped using the Keratin treatments and went back to lye relaxer every six months and using Simply Smooth in between and on my new growth.

    I have noticed a difference in my hair already!
    My hair looks like celebrity hair when I use Simply Smooth, even though I am not a celebrity! Kudos for great products!”

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