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“Hi Alan & Cheryl, I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to tell you, Wow!!
Just when I thought Belegenza couldn’t be any more amazing, I saw the Andrea Ambassador Package when I went to the Belegenza site.
That’s so cool!!
Those are my favorite products all in one package! 
Thank you!  ….it will be easier to show the people that stop me about my hair so I can show them exactly what to buy.
And guess what else?
I am now also in love with Perform gel for volume.
I got the product info card with my last order a few days ago and I tried it by how it suggested. I smashed the gel pieces  between my palms and applied it to my roots and then followed with Virginity, Encore and Spotlight.
I loved it and have used this cocktail every time I washed my hair since the first time I tried it.

Seriously, Alan , there are no products similar or anywhere as amazing as your products.
I’m still in awe and loving the results even with using Belegenza products 2 times per week, every single time I wash my hair for years and years. 

I also love the Timeless body moisturizer.
My husband loves it too and I’m constantly having to take it out of his cabinet.
He agrees that it’s the only lotion that actually moisturizes, doesn’t sting skin or make you feel greasy. It’s perfection just like every Belegenza product.
I don’t know how you made all all star products!
That never happens but somehow you did it.
Thank you again, for everything!!

I know I wound not be getting those pretty much daily compliments from strangers without Belegenza because I started getting the praise as soon as I found Belegenza.

And, I’m actually thankful for keratin treatments because that’s what lead me to find your website searching for sulphate free products.

I thought I might as well try no silicones or other nasty ingredients too  and the rest was history and better hair….
Thank you so much!

So, what are Andrea’s must-haves in this package?

1. TransFix Color Lock Shampoo: Color safe shampoo that enhances hair tint pigments and extends color retention!

2. RoMance Deep Conditioning Treatment: The ultimate in deep conditioning that focuses on the inner core of your hair, adding strength and balances moisture without coatings, silicones or nasties. 

3. EnCore Leave-In Conditioner: The perfect leave-in conditioner that is based on the power of RoMANce Deep conditioning treatment. An ‘encore performance’ of conditioning that takes your hair to the next level immediately!

4. VirgINity Hair Repair: A breakthrough in conditioning that lasts up to 7 shampoos by restoring hair strength, body and shine as if your hair had never been chemically processed! 

5. SpotLite Shine Serum: A concentrated serum that is the incredible core of all Belegenza products! Shine, flexibility, moisture and inner glow that is distinct from any other shine serum due to its ability to enhance inner core shine, rather than a surface gloss from common silicone brands. 


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