Prince Harry has been a favorite royal for some time now.
There are so many reasons to love him it’s hard to choose one.

He is very active in climate change charity work.

It seems Harry knows that nature is the BEST MEDICINE.
So, if summer has been hectic and you need a break from all the running around here’s what you do.
Just take a step outdoors in to nature. 
It’s free and what
it can do for you is wonderful.
Nature is the easiest way to detox from all the stress, and even technology. 
When you’re outdoors, and away from technology (leave that phone and laptop behind), you’ll look up and out, too, rather than constantly down at your phone. 
Did you know that giving your eyes the chance to look at something at a distance is vital to your eye health?

Gazing at something far way helps to exercise your eye muscles that are not used when you’re at work doing closeup work. 
No matter your intentions, you never get a chance to inhale and exhale deeply in your busy life as you do when you’re in one of Nature’s phenomenal spots.
Be sure to stop and look and feel the benefits on a physical and mental level. Happy is waiting for you! 
While Harry is working on the climate change of the globe,
you can work on the
climate change for your scalp.

Did you know GrowOut by Belegenza 
adds 17 trusted hair growth factors (all natural that aren’t going to hurt the environment) that set your follicles up
for optimum hair growth?
You can now do your part as Harry does his!
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Happy Nature and happy hair with Belegenza! Feeling great and looking great is what we want for you!
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