Postpartum Hair Loss: 3 Ways to Stop Postpartum Alopecia


Postpartum hair loss, also referred to as Postpartum alopecia can be extremely frustrating and worrisome for new moms. 

Thanks to the fluctuation of hormones, it’s normal to have increased shedding after giving birth, and then an increase in thickness.

As your hormones change during pregnancy and after giving birth, so does your hair.

It’s important to do the right things to keep your follicles properly nourished to avoid the death of those follicles. Another critical time to do all the right things, is as you end breast-feeding. Hormonal swings kick in, and if the follicles are not nourished properly, it can permanently affect hair growth. This is why some women say…”I had great hair until I had my baby. It was worth it though.” 

Yet other women never miss a beat and just so happen to be in alignment with the hair growth cycle by chance. 

Stay tuned for a radical shift in your hair growth efforts! 

We’re here to help you with many ways, but let’s start with these three ways to help stop hair loss & postpartum alopecia

Postpartum Hair Loss: 3 Ways to Stop Postpartum Alopecia

1. Pay attention to everything you put in your hair: This includes everything you lather, slather, spray, squirt, smush, or rub on your hair and scalp. These items contain ingredients like plastic, acrylates, and silicone that get into the pores, follicles, and crevices around where the hair and scalp meet; thus sealing, clogging, and choking off your hair growth. It’s like a wrapper is on your hair and scalp and you can’t simply rinse that wrapper off and out of the follicles and pores. The follicles, which are smothered and can’t breathe, struggle to form hair, but in its compromised condition start to give up, thin out, and eventually give up and you go bald. And don’t be tricked by the Baby Shampoo company that has been in continuous lawsuits for decades…not for you OR your bundle of joy! 

2. Avoid soy, corn syrup, and mercury(fish): Unfortunately, soy protein is responsible for phytohemagglutinin, which is a plastic-like complex that lodges in the finest capillaries of the body. Follicles have some of the finest capillaries. And when the soy hits the blood, it creates a sticky plastic-like compound that plugs the supply to your follicles down.  Soy is used in everything from salad dressing, bread, protein bars, to biofuel, to the ink that is printed in a book, and those delicious pastries, croissants, pies, and so much more! (It’s usually the cheapest oil a food processing company can get in bulk!)

Corn doesn’t exactly attack hair follicles, but many nutritionists will tell you that corn products disrupt so many metabolic processes. To deal with this, your body will go into emergency mode again to get that disruptor out of the body or store it in the fat cells to not deal with it. Plus, to process it out, it takes copious amounts of vitamins and minerals, depleting the follicles even more!  With your body dealing with all the disruptors, there are minimal to no nutrients left to build hair.

Mercury is a disruptor of the body’s metabolic processes also and is not just in canned tuna. Watch out for swordfish, mackerel king, orange roughy, and tuna, yellowtail and ask your dentist about your fillings! 

3. Avoid substances that collect in or on your follicles: A few decades ago, we worried about petroleum and mineral oil in hair products. But now, with “progress”, manufacturers have replaced those oils with silicones, acrylates, waxes, quaterniums, palasticizers, which do wonders for making the hair look better, but that is until it thins out and falls out.

For a more in-depth look about these ingredients read Postpartum Hair Loss: The Worst Things to Put in Your Hair. When you get to that page, be sure you print your FREE copy of “12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Hair Thinning Reversed,” or by clicking now


Postpartum hair loss can be stressful and frustrating. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize the loss and care for your scalp to optimize hair regrowth. 

Belegenza Natural Hair Care has taken the guesswork out of which hair care products are right for you. They are continuously researching ingredients to always provide you with the best and safest possible. With time of the essence, you can now use 17 tried and trusted hair growth factors in these products all at once. Check out the Postpartum Hair Loss & Regrowth package for the perfect products for you. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!

By the way, don’t take a chance during this critical time with products that make outrageous promises dependent on mainstream’s one or two “magic” ingredients. You know, like argan, Moroccan, minoxidil. 

Give your hair a chance with more than 17 tried, true and trusted hair growth factors. Once you see the results, you can go back to trying popular things….of course, we don’t know why you’d do that. People do that though…and then they come back to Belegenza! 

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Postpartum Hair Loss: 3 Ways to Stop Postpartum Alopecia

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Fine hair? Tinted? Indescribable damage?  If you have found yourself on the “TRY ANYTHING” wheel, it may be that silicone and synthetic products just can’t quite cover up the damage that has accumulated coupled with hormonal influences on the hair’s natural processes.   As Belegenza begins to purify your hair from these slick cover-ups, the true damage may be revealed and for the first few applications, your hair may tangle, feel dry or more brittle.  This is temporary, as the micro-conditioning agents make their way INTO the damage sites.  Keep going.  It’s temporary, and you’ll be glad you did! Not only that, we’re here to assist you through the process.  You can always start the conversation with “Alan-bot” who should have already popped up to help! If not, feel free to contact us at .

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