We’re Telling You So, NOW! 


How many times has the writing been on the wall and you didn’t listen. 
We can’t count how many times for ourselves. 

We CAN however talk about the times we’ve “told you so” and been right, and the one we’re pushing now can be a matter of life and death! 

So, this blog post is about sounding the alarm  WAY ahead of the game. 

We’ll back up what we’re claiming and will continue to talk about it for countless reasons, but one of which is completely selfish. 

And, though, we are starting this outcry with Ozempic, it’s not just about Ozempic side effects. 

It’s about the reason hair loss is so prevalent in todays society. 

We see it all the time. 

Why do we get so bothered by it all? 

When a stylist does his/her work, we notice every detail of the medium YOU bring us. 

Hair is the medium of the hair stylist/colorist art form. 

If today you bring us gorgeous thick healthy hair and the next visit you bring us a  less robust version, our art work becomes compromised. 

So, throught the decades of hair cutting, coloring and styling, we KNOW your hair. We know the patterns, the texture, the curls, the quirks, the hairline and even the smell of YOUR hair. 

Everyone knows that hair is a part of your body and is dependent on your overall health. 

We also know that the quality of your hair is dependent on the foods you consume. 

Food, water, and whatever else you do or DON’T eat or drink makes a difference. 

With changes in your water and diet, we can count on and DO NOTICE the quality of your hair as a result. 

Last month for example, since your last visit, may have gone a  weight reduction diet. Because of that, your hair may thin more, or have a texture change at the base/ root level.
That affects our “medium” (hair you brought us) and we do all we can to make up for it. 
It’s more work. 

Or, your hormones change from natural processes like menopause, or eating foods that affect hormone levels. THIS affects your hair, and we notice. 

Truthfully, you notice, too, but blame it on a myriad of things, rather than getting real about how hair grows in the first place! 

So, yes, we are spanking you here a bit to wake you up to helping your stylist help you the most! 

Take a serious look at what you are eating, drinking and consuming that is the foundation of building your hair. 

If you’re new to us, you know that we are sticklers for looking at the details that aren’t OBVIOUS until you think about it and see that each little detail can make a stack of details that are HUGE!  Take a look at our ” 12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Hair Thinning Reversed.” 
It’s shocking, and can start you on a path towards the best hair of your life, one simple step at a time! 

So, before we go much further, because in today’s society, there is a ton of quick fixes offered, but none that really address the side effects and hair loss connection……


….to be continued…