You step outdoors and what do you get — Sun.
We need it to survive and the vitamin D we get from the sun is so important.
But too much sun can be a bad thing for your skin.
Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner swear by sunscreen to protect their skin.
But did you know the sun isn’t only bad for your skin.
It’s also bad for your hair.
The sun’s UV rays can actually eat away at your hair’s elasticity and strength.
Too much heat and sunlight exposure might dry out your hair and scalp causing damage to the cuticle and hair fiber.
The results are brittle hair and possible hair loss.
If you’re a natural blonde, you’re even more vulnerable.
Burn that scalp enough, and you’ve permanently damaged the root of the hair, thus thinning! 
There are answers to this dilemma.
First you can always reach for Belegenza Natural Hair Care products for protection.
We’ll let you in on a secret for protection at the pool.
Mix EnCore Leave In Conditioner and SpotLite Shine for that extra protection from sun and chlorine. The heat and rays push the conditioning agents INTO the hair even deeper.
So, it’s like a deeper-than-deep conditioning treatment than in a salon! 
If the damage has already been done then be sure to grab our VirgINity Hair Repair to get your hair back to its virgin-like condition.

And, in case you’ve damaged the follicles even a smidge, you can add 17 trusted hair growth factors in a few short bursts of GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray!  It’s even packed with Aloe, a proven burn remedy!

Your follicles will reward you with better hair growth than ever! 
Now all the bases are covered and you can enjoy the sun!

Of course, we’ve mentioned a lot here, so
this is another easy way to get going….

Take me to the GrowOUT Package NOW

And even better, with your purchase you’ll receive  Alan & Cheryl’s private coaching cell/text number!

What other company does all this? 

Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl 

Your Trusted Brother and Sister Protect That Hair & Hair Growth Experts
Alan & Cheryl
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Nicole Never Leaves Home Without This: Hair Growth Results as a Bonus!
Nicole Never Leaves Home Without This: Hair Growth Results as a Bonus!