We naturally lose hair every day. 

Approximately 50-100 strands per day.

Yes, that’s everyone. 

But, sometimes you notice you are losing more than that.

It happens to a lot of us as it did for Jude Law, LeBron, and Sting.

Each of us needs to investigate what we are doing that may be causing this excess loss.

Before you freak out, let’s check out 3 things that speed hair loss along! 

Here are 3 possible causes of hair loss. 

First, check your diet.

We all want to be thin so because of this we might not eat as healthy as we should, or we skip meals. Stop. This aids in hair loss.

Second, too much sun is another reason for hair loss.

The sun’s UV rays start to eat away at the elasticity and strength of your hair. If you have prolonged heat and sunlight exposure it might dry out your hair and scalp and damage the cuticle and the hair fiber. This will result in brittle hair that can lead to hair loss. Take note, light-colored and fine hair is especially vulnerable to the sun! AND, don’t underestimate the UV damage that can happen to the scalp (sunburn) affecting the follicles that grow your hair! 

Third is the dreaded genetic thing, which needs no explanation. 

BUT, keeping hair as long as possible is something that needs to start NOW, no matter what age, if you already know it’s in your family.

Our cousin, Brian, saw it coming. Rather than going down the probable hair loss path, he started GrowOUT the moment we introduced it! Now in his forties, he has maintained thick full hair, unlike the others in the family! (his hairline only “backed up,” about 1/2 inch since his high school days unlike the others whose backed up many inches). Prevention and early attention to details made a HUGE difference for him. It’s almost hard to believe the difference, especially by the other men in the family who didn’t follow his lead with GrowOUT! –Alan & Cheryl, his favorite cousins in the family!

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Since Sting and Jude got through it you can too.
Go the Belegenza way, like our cousin Brian, and QUITE POSSIBLY with hair holding on longer than they!

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Your Favorite Brother & Sister “you can be our cousins, too” hair growth experts, 

Alan & Cheryl

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