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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”― Seneca

Just in case you’re not impressed with celebrities… you can find countless REAL customer ravings in each product’s REVIEW tab!  Though, if you believe in good LUCK….keep reading!

With having met and worked with hundreds of celebrities, it seems as though Belegenza has a lucky streak! Alan and Cheryl, with their focus on making the best natural organic products possible, set out to make products that are better than anything in the natural market. But, that wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to make things better than ANY products, especially the synthetic ones on the market, like L’Oreal’s Kerastase, Aveda, Pureology, Nioxin, WEN, Chaz Dean, in the best salons in the world! That’s where it really started. A passion, vision and relentless action towards making the best products that would be respected by the best in the world.

As “luck” would have it, a client walked into the famous Patrick Melville Salon in New York Rockefeller Plaza, doing the first ever BYOB (Bring Your Own Belegenza)! Having ruined her hair ( a dry brittle dull, gray rooted mess) on a humanitarian trip, she returned to her colorist to restore her “natural” hair and handed off her recently purchased Belegenza products to the colorist. With a subtle roll of the world-class colorist’s eyes and a politely condescending attitude, she instructed the shampoo technician to honor the client’s wishes, knowing full well, it would simply waste time before resorting to the standard routine for conditioning the hair with the finest synthetic products (listed above) for which they were spokespeople and sponsors.

The colorist’s break was cut short by the shampoo tech’s scream from the back of the shampoo area, “Come look at this!”

Assuming the worst, she ran to the bowl. To her surprise, it ended up being one of the finest colors she had ever done on this client… ever, leaving the color more vibrant, and feeling as if it had never been colored! It was awesome and she was delighted with Belegenza!

As “luck” would have it, they were on the phone with Alan & Cheryl to order in the complete line!

Within a few weeks of using Belegenza on clients and the New York celebrity roll, Patrick Melville and Rick Wellman invited Belegenza to Hollywood to be part of their entourage as they prepared clients for the Oscars! As “luck” would have it, Belegenza began their way into the Hollywoood scene by word of mouth, from Celebrity Stylist to Celebrity Stylist, to celebrity, to studios, to hair and makeup departments nationwide and even landing the “Supplier to the Stars, Nigel Beauty Emporium!”

Still focused on ingredients and products, Alan and Cheryl clean up for the camera once in a while to meet and greet the celebrities and their personal and studio stylists to exchange ideas, and making sure that everyone’s Red Carpet-ready for all the events!

With great appreciation, Alan & Cheryl continue to enjoy their “luck” by continuing to meet opportunities with constant preparation.

“We hope you will enjoy our photos with these amazing celebrities! We love working with them all. The rest of the time, you’ll find us in the warehouse, offices, labs, and test salons finding ways to make better and better products for YOU!”~ Alan & Cheryl

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