It’s true. We use very gently lathering agents, but they clean as well or better than SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), though it doesn’t lather as much. Especially when starting to use Belegenza, as it begins to clean off the residue of other products, it may not lather very much, but it is certainly “attracting” the silicones, dirt, gels, sprays, etc. thus lathering more each time you use it.
Will this make my hair grow faster?

Well, the first thing you are doing is removing cosmetic residue that may be suffocating your scalp’s ability to GROW HAIR!

Silicone…or liquid glass may seal the scalp and suffocate its ability to absorb nourishment transdermally. (Also known as DIMETHICONE, PHENYL TRIMETHICONE, AMODIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE COPOLYOL, CYCLOMETHICONE, SILICONE QUATERNIUM-8, TRIMETHLYSILOXYAMODIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONOL, DIMETHICONE PEG-7, etc.)

Men AND women spend big money on treatments to grow hair, but when this glass coating is in place, it may not be as effective as possible.

Belegenza products are silicone free. It removes silicone and never puts any more in the way. Naturally, the scalp is clear and clean like when we were young, allowing for better hair growth! Weightless natural conditioning nourishes fully, without suffocating silicone!

Get started with IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser, DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner, and PerForm Gel… and watch your treatments work better than ever!

If you are more interested in nourishing your scalp optimally, then move on to using GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener. To maximize the effects of its vital nutrition, follow it with GrowOut Scalp Nutrient Spray. This adds more nutrition to the scalp for more organic growth.

Many of our customers have stopped using “hair growth treatments” and are getting BETTER RESULTS just from the removal of silicone and our patent-pending secret conditioning ingredients! Consequently, some have continued their tried and true “hair growth treatments” with even better results. We suggest you give at least 90 days trying it with and/or without, so that you have a good amount of time to see your new hair growth!