How to Thicken Fine Hair : Naturally

Now, you can have a consistent boost of 17 ingredients over 90 days to allow all phases of hair follicle growth.


Making Fine Even Better!


We set out to be different and be the best at it for a reason.

What sets Belegenza apart from other hair care lines?

Over 17 reasons.

Besides inventing the world’s first and finest silicone-free products,

Belegenza found the top 17 trusted hairgrowth ingredients touted by the world’s finest hair growth experts!

Where other lines use one or maybe 2 growth ingredients, we use all 17 !

Picture it.

To use ONE or TWO ingredients at a time for 90 days, would take over 900 days to try them all!

That’s 3 years of TRYING things for how to thicken fine hair…. with little or no results.

IF you want to speed up the process, GrowOUT gives you all  17  which can be used now!

Within 90 days, you get results or not!

You either know for sure it works, or that it’s time to switch.

Another 90 days, you know GrowOUT worked and you can come back to Belegenza like so many do!


Belegenza and the silicone-free era (safest and NOT GREENWASHED) was started by Alan Eschenburg & Cheryl Honc, brother and sister.

Belegenza is still are the only authentic silicone-free product line>

(Other lines have tried and are “free of heavy silicones.” They use the new generation & consequently the most dangerous silicone derivatives… yuk!)

Belegenza delivers superior performance without any weight left on the hair,
which is a big deal especially for fine hair.

We also have such specialty formulas, like VirgINity, which leaves tinted hair to feel as if it had never been tinted, while staying in your hair up to 7 shampoos.

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Alan & Cheryl

How to Thicken Fine Hair : Naturally

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