You want to touch up your hair by running a comb through it but you don’t have one on you. 
It’s easy to just ask a friend if you can borrow theirs.


But then, you hesitate because you think their comb might transfer dandruff to your hair. 

It’s ok.
It doesn’t happen that way. 
Dandruff is a sign of the extra work of your sebaceous gland, due to which an extra amount of exfoliated skin particles appears. 
So, borrowing a comb or hat from a friend won’t transfer this condition. 
But keep in mind it is still good to follow the rules of personal hygiene.
Consider this — itchy, flaky, patchy and mysterious scalp conditions might be a chemical reaction to ingredients in popular brands of hair products! As they leave coatings on your hair to make it feel good, it might be smothering your scalp at the same time, causing your scalp to have an allergic-like reaction! 
Your simple solution:
     1. Drink more water
     2. Eliminate chemicals on the scalp
     3. Nourish your scalp and hair with Belegenza’s 
        food-grade products!
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Alan & Cheryl