Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

The hair bulbs in your hair follicles contain active and inactive melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) that give your hair its color.

Your follicles regenerate and recruit the dormant melanocytes to replace the depleted ones after the growth phase of your hair.

When the inactive melanocytes run out, your follicles don’t have a reserve of pigmentation and your hair strands will grow out white.

Genetics plays a large part in the graying process, yet stress also seems to be a huge factor.

Does Gray Hair Have a Different Texture?

As your follicles stop producing melanin, the oil glands in your scalp will produce less sebum.

Sebum is an oil produced naturally by our body to
hydrate your hair and scalp.

With less sebum production gray hair often feels more coarse, dry, and wiry.

The cuticle layer of gray strands is thinner than naturally pigmented hair. The thinner cuticle makes your hair more porous and more susceptible to contaminants that can cause your hair to have a yellowish tone.

It’s important to have great products and styling tools to have your gray hairs work well with the rest of your hair.

This is a very important factor in How to Care for Gray Hair.

The Right Hair Care Products

Since gray hair tends to be drier than naturally colored hair, it’s important to add moisture into your hair care routine; through shampoo, conditioner, and styling products.

By using Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser that is SLS-free, you will be gently removing impurities, synthetics,
adding moisture to your hair, and strengthening your hair against environmental stress.

After shampooing, use RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment by Belegenza to balance the inner moisture of your hair.

It’s important to focus on your follicles because healthy hair starts with the scalp.

It’s important to treat the skin on your head with as much love as you do your skin on your face.

To set the stage for growth, while adding volume, shine, and strengthening your hair use GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray by Belegenza. It’s a nutrient-rich spray that nourishes the scalp all day long with
more than 17 trusted hair growth factors. 

It’s also important to use a heat protectant spray before drying and styling your hair. To revive, replenish, and protect your hair against heat, use VirgINity Hair Repair Spray.

You can find all of these products in the Natural Hair package.

To tame frizz, control flyaways, add body, and shine use Taffy Styling Cream  by Belegenza!

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How to Care for Gray Hair

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How to Care for Gray Hair