Today was our first event for HomeLight Program of the Midnight Mission. Cheryl and I are so in awe of the work that was done WITH the residents of HomeLight! Everyone was lifted to higher levels of beauty, self-esteem and love. As was said, “In only 4 hours, extraordinary talent came together with these UNSTOPPABLE moms and their families, and it was if we had known each other for a week or more!” We will be sharing photos of the transformations of hair and makeup, and are sure you will notice that much more than beauty on the outside got done….it is a profound beauty shining through, for everyone involved. Thank you to all who participated….we all were gifts to each other that will live in our hearts forever….‪#‎midnightmission‬ ‪#‎criterion_group‬ ‪#‎camillefriend‬‪#‎homelightProgram‬