How To Stop Reddish faded tones in dark hair on men’s hair  especially. Women: the method applies to keeping your color richer and not fading as well.

I will not come out directly and say what my opinion of how dangerous haircoloring really is. There are colorists who are doing the right thing and blowing whistles for us. Thank you to them!Hasselhoff David dreamstimelarge_31484900

We are all about natural. We go the extra mile to provide the safest and most luxurious products that work so well, that the Hollywood upper crust stylists seek us out! For this, we are extremely proud. They are hit from all angles, even their celebrities, who are under contract with natural products that have class action suits against them, and yet they secretly reach for us! Belegenza! We are super proud, and cannot tell the truth about it because it would put the celebrity and their stylists in great jeopardy.

Recently, we’ve started making noise about ProTect Base Cream and Stain Resistor, and if you are not using it, we are completely sorry for not having you understand how important it is that you use it! NO MATTER WHAT! I get sad when I see a friend or even an acquaintance who knows me and Cheryl, and is not getting the gravity of haircoloring and the risk involved. I don’t really understand how people would not heed my warnings and realize what pains we went to in developing our line and specifically ProTect! It is the most important part of our line, and back in the original development, I got a “friendly” phone call from a “focus group” participant, who warned me to back off from releasing products like this! She said the “big manufacturers” were not pleased with what I was doing to disrupt their “cover.” This was about the same time talc was under big scrutiny–again– and just this past week or so, JNJ had to pay out millions to a long term customer for baby and body powder! Imagine what would happen to the haircolor companies if they are finally outed for the chemicals hidden in their formulas?

So much for the conspiracy type theory– I think if you have any respect for yourself, and you tint your hair even with those cleverly disguised natural colors from the famous food stores touting natural and organic products, you should AT LEAST be using ProTect! If you don’t, please, would you tell me why?

What I really sat down to talk about is how to keep your browns from going so reddish! Especially on men! Right, ladies? That poor man who’s doing the best he can to cover the gray and it ends up with that reddish brown…. This is due to a lack of deposit of the artificial pigment, and/or an over-lifting of the natural pigment, combined with too much peroxide and carrier ( ammonia, triethanolomine, etc.) damage. I will soon do a video to explain this more, but here’s a solution to minimize this fade to reddish situation!

In a box of haircolor, you have to mix tube A (the color) with the cream ( the peroxide or as they say, developer). It is to be mixed equal parts typically. We remove 1/2 of the cream and substitute pure water. This cuts the oxidation which is pulling out natural reddish tones from your non-gray hairs. It also cuts the processing time about 1/3. Also, we whip the color mixture for about a minute to release more of the ammonia gasses that form….yes even the ones that say ammonia free. (That’s another cover-up for later). You MAY notice your color being a bit darker when you do this. This is due to better color pigment deposit (more concentrated color penetration). This is what will mask the reddish tones. This has been what gets washed away by SLS and Salt laden shampoos! If it’s too dark, move up a shade the next time, and do the above water dilution method, and you’ll have perfect color longer! Plus, gentlemen, you will look more refined! Ladies, this applies to you, too! So, ladies, also, if your man is doing this….please share this blog with them!

Of course, you will want to use our salt free and sls free shampoos and by all means if you want your color to stay perfect, you will want to use Virginity Hair Repair immediately after coloring! 


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  1. We don’t use salt in our products for many reasons. The first is that we only use premium ingredients that are beneficial to the hair. Shampoos that have salt (sodium chloride) add this because it is a cheap way to make more lather! It also strips the hair of keratin treatments, and is why those who straighten their hair with this method must use salt-free products. Essentially, our products are made with nourishing food grade ingredients….!!!!!!!