We all try to do what we can to fight hair loss. 

Not just fight hair loss, but always trying to find something to thicken up or
to grow hair faster! 
Most people don’t mind having thicker hair, because it is easier to thin out if needed, and it gives more styling options! 
But let’s face it.
Sometimes it can be overwhelming with all the treatments out there, and so many causing not only side effects but complications.
And how many of them are simply “snake oil” hocked by today’s snake-oil salesmen–highly paid celebrities!

There is a safe way to treat hair loss. 
Did you know herbs can help?
In ayurvedic literature, records indicate that herbs have been used often to improve hair health, including texture, quality, and color. 
Gwyneth and Christy are huge promotors of ayurveda. 
Herbs can also be used to wash or dye hair and stimulate healthy hair growth.
One herb that is said to promote hair growth is henna. We’ve all heard of it as a prominent natural hair dye. (Just because it says Henna on the label does not mean it’s the herb. Henna as a word is now used as a branding adjective rather than referring to the rather earthy smelling natural henna herb, so beware!
But according to literature, henna’s antifungal properties can help treat and even prevent dandruff. Henna can balance the scalp pH levels, which we know is important, while helping to prevent premature hair fall and graying. 
Not bad. We would say Gwyneth and Christy might be on to something!
But herbs aren’t the only answer.
Belegenza has a formulated compilation of
17 hair growth factors in our GrowOUT series.
Why take the chance of one herb, like henna, that might not even be an herb, when each day is another day of hair loss or NOT.
Belegenza is another way, and we think the best way, to treat hair loss.
If you’re serious about your hair,
17 trusted hair growth factors exponentially increase your chances–before another follicle gives up on you.

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