Hair After Chemo

Hair After Chemo 

Maybe the biggest question people ask the doctors when faced with a cancer diagnosis, is
“What about my hair after chemo?!”

As they all say… everyone has a little different side effect with hair, but there are so many improvements over the years with those side effects! 

As anyone who deals with risk, they say to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! 

So, when it comes to taking care, we believe in taking care of the hair “Factories!” In other words, the hair follicles, first!  


Because those follicles are making each and every hair, and they are going to be attacked in several ways during chemo, it’s a good idea to remove as many other insults to them as possible. 

In a nutshell, as chemo’s function is to kill cancer cells, it doesn’t know that follicle cells are NOT cancer cells. Hair follicles have fast growing cells, which is common to cancer tissue, plus they are a bit more delicate than other cells, so the chemo attacks them as if they are cancer cells. 

AND, chemo is a toxic type of drug that the body wants to get rid of as soon as possible, so it really takes a bit of overall body fortitude to get rid of it and the dying cancer cells. 

This attack takes its toll on the body overall. 

Fortunately, the human body is miraculous in its ability to heal, so it makes great sense to do 2 main things. 

  1. Eliminate as many other “attackers” as possible. 
  2. Feed the body as many healthy building blocks to aid in the detox, and rebuilding of healthy tissues. 

So,  there are tons of theories and diets that are helpful in handling the above second issue. Your medical experts and your own common sense will guide you in detox and the rebuilding of healthy tissues. 

OUR purpose is to help you KNOW and be aware of things that insult your follicles for hair after chemo.

It is not a guarantee that you will not lose hair, but the intention is to reduce the insults to the injury of chemo hair loss. 

What’s the point? 

There is a 68 day period after you last chemo treatment where the follicles will be doing their very best to restore your hair.  

IF…. you keep insulting those follicles in those crucial 68 days, you may not get those hairs back. 

So, knowing what some of the everyday things are is now the most important thing to be aware of during this 68 days. 

By the way, before we talk about those things we also want to mention that you do NOT want these things before chemo to strengthen those follicles, and even during chemo! 

What are the 12 things? 

We will list them here, but you can get the full explanation for FREE by printing out a copy for yourself right now by clicking now on this link “12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Thinning Hair Reversed.” 

Here are the 12…. and we are increasing this soon, so check back often! 
1. Mercury from Tuna, Sushi, Fluorescent lighting

2. Soy from salad dressings, baked goods, protein bars, fried foods in restaurants

3. Chlorine (from Sucralose sweetener, too!) 

4. Sulfates and sulfate substitutes. 

5. Dimethicone/Silicone from shampoos, conditioners and skin care, hand soaps

6. PVP (liquid plastic) in hair gels, mousses, hairsprays, dry shampoo

7. Low Blood Circulation 

8. Corn Syrup 

9. pH Imbalance 

10. Caps, hats, wigs, extensions 

11. Sodium 

12. Potassium & Magnesium deficiency


We want you to know. 

Whether you make all adjustments or just reduce a few of these 12, you will be doing yourself a favor regarding hair loss after chemo.

Whether the above hair killers are out of the way or not, we can help. 

Once you see the result we give your hair and scalp with our 17 hair growth factors, in GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener and GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray, you will find it super easy to make the 12 adjustments! 

When your hair starts “showing off” so quickly, people are going boost your confidence with compliments as they notice your hair. Hair loss after chemo, no more! 

Hair GROWTH after chemo! 

Take me to the Hair Growth after Chemo Package 

Hair After Chemo


Your Trusted Brother and Sister Hair Growth Experts,
Alan & Cheryl

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Hair After Chemo

FREE of  “the nasties!”

What are the nasties?

  • salt
  • gluten
  • fillers
  • silicones
  • parabens
  • pesticides
  • phthalates
  • petrolatum
  • artificial dyes
  • formaldehyde
  • harmful sulfates(sls)
  • …..and more!

PETA Certified (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

 ( not just a cute logo…a prestigious stamp of approval!)

Fine hair? Tinted? Indescribable damage?  If you have found yourself on the “TRY ANYTHING” wheel, it may be that silicone and synthetic products just can’t quite cover up the damage that has accumulated coupled with hormonal influences on the hair’s natural processes.   As Belegenza begins to purify your hair from these slick cover-ups, the true damage may be revealed and for the first few applications, your hair may tangle, feel dry or more brittle.  This is temporary, as the micro-conditioning agents make their way INTO the damage sites.  Keep going.  It’s temporary, and you’ll be glad you did! Not only that, we’re here to assist you through the process.  You can always start the conversation with “Alan-bot” who should have already popped up to help! If not, feel free to contact us at .

Success Stories

Last year I was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer in 6 Nodes. Following surgery I received twelve rounds of chemo. The chemo did not make all my hair come out but did cause extreme thinning. When this began to happen I was traumatized! I ordered Belegenza products out of desperation ! I had been a hairdresser for twenty four years and never heard of this product. When I received the shampoo, conditioner and hair restore product I immediately started using all. I started seeing results! My hair stopped falling out ! Best product on the market for thinning hair and believe me when I say I have tried them all ...... you wont be disappointed...
Wanda S.
I discovered your product by researching hair products for salt-&-pepper very dry hair. After reading the rave reviews, I concluded they must be fabricated because they were so glowing. But, being desperate to find an effective product, I took a chance and ordered the travel size of the Illustrious 1 shampoo and Romance 2 conditioner. After only a couple of uses, my hair was transformed from it’s dull, dry, straw-like texture to it’s former bounce and shine. Truly amazing. I loved it so much I ordered the full sizes and added the SpotLite Shine. LOVED those so much, my next order was for the professional sizes plus the Virginity leave-in conditioner. At the risk of sounding like those other reviews that I thought were fake, I absolutely LOVE these products. Please consider this a thank you note for rescuing my hai
Donna R.
Office Manager
"Love the products from Belegenza! I have spoken with Alan, an owner, on several occasions - he is always so pleasant & gets back to you right away any questions that you may have. I am a hairstylist who uses their products for myself & my clients. I have clients who have fine hair, thinning hair and others who have completed their chemo treatments that use the GrowOUT line❤.Also, for skin care....I LOVE their Simply Young Refining & Skin Tightening Spray!!!Great company, excellent customer service - highly recommend Belegenza 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟~~Denice G
Denice G.
Salon Owner


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