When we first invented GrowOut Shampoo and the concept, I was confronted with expert business people saying, “Who would want that?” It was a great question. With obvious doubt in our concept, he advised us to go a different direction.

As you can tell, we didn’t listen to him. We knew we had created something good.

True to our principles, we went for it, anyway. As we continued along, the next common question was “How’s your little company?” To which I’d bristle first from the condescending way I would hear it, and then answer, “Fine.”

Today, though, when asked, I still answer “Fine” in most cases, but it’s almost a lie. When it comes to the popularity and effectiveness of GrowOut, saying “fine” is understated! GrowOut has become our biggest seller, and not only supplies growth factors for the hair, but it certainly has growth factors for our business! We now are meeting business challenges that we’ve only heard of by growing companies and quite honestly did not understand. With that, we are finding ways to keep up with the demands, dealing with backorders, making products fast enough, meeting deadlines, growing out of warehouse space, etc.

I share this for another reason in this blog. As you can tell, it has been several months since my last entry. For those who don’t know Cheryl and me very well yet, you will see that we are very hands-on in every phase of our business. With all of what there is to do on a daily basis, we have had to let go of a few things that we just cannot fit into our schedules as we have had to re-invent our company’s infrastructure….again.

Back when we made our first formulas, and made 100 bottles of each, it took us so long! We laughed and said to ourselves, “if no one buys, we have a lifetime supply for ourselves!” Soon enough, though our batches moved to 1000 at a time, yet it took learning how to make things in bigger quantities and time to get that going. Well, now that we are dealing with 10,000-25,000 at a time and with over 25 different products, we have had yet more growth, and are we learning lots about growing pains!

All of this to say….we’ve been busy growing all the areas of our company, and because we stay on top of every area for quality assurance, we had to put Ask Alan and Get Glamorous in Minutes on hold, and now that we have more grown up in those areas for the time being, we are now making time to work on our blogs, again. We may not blog weekly, yet. So, if you see a gap in our blogging or haven’t heard from us, we are probably working on a new formula, or package, or growing something new for you!

As we grow our blogs and more products, feel free to ask us your questions. We always appreciate your emails, comments and questions, AND know that your feedback helps us help all our customers by pointing us the right direction!

Gotta “grow” right now! TTYL!


P.S. When did you NOT listen to them, and simply looked to your intuition? We’d love to hear your story! AND, what is something you want to do that you haven’t followed through with….YET?

2 Responses

  1. Allan,
    I have bought every product and vitamin I could find on the web to grow my hair as I was recently diagnosed with Telegen Effluvium. I recently found your site as I would like the hair I have left to look better than it does if possible. It’s long and stringy and regrowth will be a very long process. My scalp is still sore bit I see new hair growth coming in. Yippee. What do you recommend for growth, shine and manageability? I’ve read that no products work on the outside they must be taken internally, like vitamins and food. Please help. 5000hairless in NJ

  2. We are not at liberty to comment on a medical situation. Nevertheless, if you are in the market for excellent topical products, you’ve found the best silicone-free natural shampoo and conditioner.