Intro to Gentle Hair Care for Chemotherapy Patients…Before, During, and Hair Growth After Chemo with Belegenza

Embarking on the post-chemo phase of life is a mix of emotions and challenges for cancer survivors, especially when it comes to regrowing hair.chemo, chemotherapy, chemo hair, hair regrowth, hair growth, cancer

This article serves as your companion in navigating the path to renewed hair growth after overcoming cancer, emphasizing natural solutions and the use of nourishing products from Belegenza, the leader in hair care before, during and after chemotherapy. 

Our commitment is to take care of your hair in ways that are way beyond what “they” tell you and what is known conventionally, so that you can simply focus on your health and well-being. We’ll take care of the rest! 

Gentle Hair Care for Chemotherapy Patients…Before, During, and Hair Growth After Chemo with Belegenza

Before Chemo: Preparation and Chemical-Free Approach

Prior to starting chemotherapy, it’s crucial to prepare your hair and scalp. Start by eliminating as many chemicals as possible from your hair care routine, particularly those containing chemical silicones. These substances can lock  down & smother your already-sensitive follicles and hinder the regrowth process. Here’s a link to your free copy of the Silicone Derivative AVOID List.  It’s a definite must!

During Chemo: Prioritizing Scalp and Follicle Care

Throughout chemotherapy, hair loss or thinning may occur. To ensure your scalp and follicles are ready for regrowth post-treatment, provide them with essential care. Consider this an investment in the future health of your hair.

After Chemo: Embracing a Chemical-Free Transition

As treatments conclude and your body detoxifies, your new (and possibly different) hair deserves a clean slate, free from chemicals. Make the shift to natural formulations without harsh chemicals to give your hair the best chance for full recovery and even improved growth, as many have reported!

Chemotherapy can take a toll on hair follicles, leading to hair loss. To ease this process, it’s advisable to avoid additional chemical stressors like sulfates, silicones, parabens, acrylates, dimethicone, paba, polymers, and gluten. These ingredients can embed themselves in your hair & follicles, causing further damage to your already chemo-taxed follicles.
Let Belegenza alleviate this burden and prioritize your hair’s well-being, especially for your hair growth after chemo journey! 

Understanding that dealing with cancer is exceptionally challenging, Belegenza has crafted natural, chemical-free hair care solutions tailored to your unique needs throughout your hair growth journey. Allow us to show you that we can enhance your hair, scalp & well-being, making you feel good and look good.

Here’s everything you need:

  1. GrowOut Shampoo: A natural, nutrient-rich shampoo designed to provide your hair follicles with powerful nutrition, encouraging maximum growth and strength. Gentle for the most sensitive, yet packed with over 17 hair growth factors. This ratio practically guarantees results
  2. DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner: Use this conditioner each shampoo day for ongoing delivery of nutrition to each strand. By ensuring flexibility and battling brittleness, your hair will gain superior body. The added gentle layer of soothing moisture allows your scalp to breathe and grow hair more easily. Brittle hair easily breaks, so with daily use, even chemo-dried hair can become newly flexible hair thus better chances of growing longer from the start!
  3. RoMANce Deep Conditioning: This conditioner, made from natural sea extracts and moisture “attractors,” enhances moisture balance, body, and strength, even of the finest of hair. Its focus is the core of your hair rather than a slick coating that most brands rely on. Filling the micro-sites of each strand fortifies so that you can continue to grow length with fewer setbacks like split ends or dryness. 
  4. GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray: A daily application delivering the most gentle yet potent concentration of the 17 growth ingredients directly to your scalp and follicles. Can be used on non-shampoo days for added benefits including moisturizing the scalp. “Well fed” follicles produce better hair growth!
  5. PerForm Control Styling Gel: THE styling gel, without acrylates, silicones, petrolatum or plastics, creates a refined finish without clogging follicles, providing body, moisture, and shine. It’s springy helix base from pristine sea botanicals add bounce & flexibility to each strand for surprising style control through every phase of your growout journey! 

      “I just wanted to share my experience during Chemo and detox afterward. Thanks to Belegenza, I never had any problems with my skin drying out. The products have kept my hair and skin in balance. Knowing that our skin is our biggest detox organ, Belegenza’s assistance in clearing the chemo had to come out of every pore of my body. Thanks for your dedication to your products; I truly appreciate it.” – J.E., Kensington, CT

Gentle Hair Care for Chemotherapy Patients…Before, During, and Hair Growth After Chemo with Belegenza

The journey to hair growth after chemotherapy may seem daunting, but Belegenza is here to support you every step of the way.

Whether you’ve just gotten the news about chemo or you’ve completed your treatments, there is no better time than now to empower your follicles and hair!  

In fact with your package, you will get a packet of tips and secrets that go way beyond “outside the box,” PLUS our private number to call and text with us! 
Now, what other company does all this for you and your hair? 

Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl! 

Our natural, chemical-free products are designed to nurture your hair, and the Chemo Premium Care NOW package by Belegenza will boost your confidence, when you feel and see the difference day by day! 

Let us make this transition easy for you. 
There is so much more that we’ve done behind the scenes and this quick blog post.
We will be right here and just a call or text away during your journey of hair growth after chemo! It’s best before and during, but the most perfect time is ….now

With all of that done for you and so easy….
… can focus on living your best, healthy life.

Get started now. 

Chemo Premium Care NOW package by Belegenza


P.S. Another fantastic blog series is our 68-Day Window about Chemo.  It starts the day of your last chemo treatment, and is a must read before, during and even after chemo! 
…..A definite must read, now! 

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