5 Tips for Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment for Hair Growth

Intro to Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment for Hair Growth

Short Anagen Syndrome is a horrifying experience for children and parents.
It’s misunderstood and finding a Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment that works is next to impossible.

For parents suffering their child’s challenge, you know more than most about this mysterious and challenging condition.

For those just learning ABOUT it after having experienced the shock of it, Short Anagen Syndrome (SAS) is a condition, occurring in children, in which their hair doesn’t grow long.

This is because the growth (anagen) phase is unusually short, which results in an increased level of shedding. In most cases, children have never needed a haircut and have reported having short hair since birth.

Some good news though, is that in most cases, this condition clears up by itself after puberty.

BUT for those experiencing it at young ages, waiting till puberty can feel like an eternity. Finding a Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment seems like an impossible project, leading to even more heartbreak as parents watch and experience the questions, stares, and insults from other people about their child’s thin, short hair. 

Medical professionals and Doctors commonly say treatment is not necessary in most cases, but during this formative time in a girl’s life, a cure can go a long way in making sure your child grows and develops without the complication of hair loss and the disrespect that can come with it from others.

So, yes, there are things you can do to help speed up your way to longer locks. Unfortunately, because barely no one finds it important enough, the whole Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment goes without attention. This is why it is so frustrating for parents and children. AND, that you have found this article, and are reading, which proves that if you don’t give up, you can find extraordinary information that can finally help explain Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment. 

So, by now, you’ve probably seen tons of other information, treatments, and DIY treatments that may have certainly helped others.

But, time is of the essence in restoring some normalcy to hair growth for your child.

As you will see, we outline many “small” details.

By making these many “small” adjustments, each one will empower the next and can forward hair growth progress.

It’s better than just giving up and waiting until puberty for the “clearing up” of the situation…if that’s really true, either…

5 Tips for Short Anagen Syndrome Hair Growth

1. Eat a nutrient-dense diet: It is important to take care of your body from the inside out.
Your daily intake of protein is important because it provides the amino acids that makeup keratin, which is the building block of your hair. Lean meats, beans, fish, eggs, dairy, kale, and asparagus are great sources of protein.
If you are vegan, there are choices, yet stay away from soy.

Otherwise, when you see your hair falling, you won’t be able to say we didn’t warn you. (Check salad dressings, mayo, sandwich spreads, baked goods, chips, crackers & cereals.) SOY is dastardly to hair! SOY is awful for hair. SOY IS TERRIBLE for hair. 

Did we mention that if you wish to grow hair, stay away from SOY?! 

​Healthy fats, such as coconut, olive, and flaxseed, provide your body with long-chain polyunsaturated fats and linoleic acids which are necessary for hair structure.

Notice soy oil is NOT on the healthy list.

Fruits and vegetables are essential to provide a variety of nutrients such as vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin b5, vitamin b12, folate, zinc, and niacin. Inositol, which can be found in nuts, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and whole grains, helps improve the function of scalp cells.

Avoid refined sugar as much as possible.

2. Avoid soy, corn syrup, and mercury(fish): Unfortunately, soy protein is responsible for phytohemagglutinin, which is a plastic-like complex that lodges in the finest capillaries of the body. Follicles have some of the finest capillaries as well as the retina of the eyes. Soy is used in everything from salad dressing, bread, and protein bars, to biofuel, to the ink that is printed in a book. You may think you don’t get any soy in your diet but think again. Baked goods, fried foods, gravies, sauces, low carb breads and foods, and even grilled foods from your favorite restaurant were probably coated with cooking oil (soy) to keep them from sticking to the grill.

Corn doesn’t exactly attack hair follicles, but many nutritionists will tell you that corn products disrupt so many metabolic processes and more, that your body will go into emergency mode again to get that disruptor out of the body or store it in the fat cells to not deal with it. With your body dealing with all the disruptors, there are minimal to no nutrients left to build hair or anchor the hair which is growing. Gluten-free eating has steered the unsuspecting public into corn based-gluten free prepared foods. YIKES!

By the way, a dastardly derivative is maltodextrin, which is corn-based.

Mercury is a disruptor of the body’s metabolic processes also and is not just in canned tuna. Watch out for swordfish, mackerel king, orange roughy, tuna, and even yellowtail. Got amalgam fillings in your teeth? That’s made with mercury.

3. Avoid substances that collect in or on your follicles: A few decades ago we worried about petroleum and mineral oil in hair products. But now, with “progress”, manufacturers have replaced those oils with silicones, acrylates, waxes, quaterniums, and plasticizers, which do wonders for making the hair look better.

4. Use gentle, natural, nourishing hair products: Only use gentle, nourishing, and chemical-free hair products to nourish your hair and scalp. (AND NOT BABY SHAMPOO. Lawsuits against these companies are still in progress, and they are perfect examples of lies told in marketing to unsuspecting and trusting people). Also, if you are new to our method and philosophy, organic products typically contain silicone derivatives (the stuff caulk is made of) and may plug follicles and disrupt growth. Here’s a link to your free copy of the Silicone Derivative AVOID List.

5. Take care of your scalp: Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Use a gentle, natural, and free from chemicals shampoo to cleanse your scalp. 

Massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers in a circular motion for 4 minutes. This helps relieve tension and increase blood flow to your follicles.

Apply a natural oil to your scalp to help nourish the scalp and soothe any irritation. Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s SpotLite Shine Serum is a wonderful moisturizer for your scalp. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky.

With thin hair and bare scalps, it’s important to wear head coverings when out in the sun.

Conclusion to Short Anagen Syndrome Hair Growth

It’s important to remove thinning hair culprits and use gentle, natural, and nourishing hair products for your hair and scalp.

With the urgency and uncertainty of what is true and not true, it’s understandable to try just about anything to make a difference. Unfortunately, there’s not enough money in it for major manufacturers to develop any cure.

So you will find yourself in a few places:

1. Do nothing and wait for puberty.
2. Try whatever you find that sounds good on a social media site that promises miracles. (You’ve probably already been burned with a few of these…)
3. Try a little known company with a huge commitment, that has an amazing track record with LAS SAS and hair growth in general. If it doesn’t help, go back to the social media sites for the latest pack of miraculous promises.

Belegenza Natural Hair Care has put together to take the guesswork out of which products are best for you and your child.

Just the GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener boasts 17 celebrated hair growth factors that increase the odds of hair growth for all hair types. Do the above 5 tips, plus these 17 hair growth factors increase the chances exponentially. This is why our customers are lifetime obsessed customers. 

Though we CANNOT guarantee results, because Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment is considered a medical condition, you will just have to take a chance. (It’s illegal for us to make a medical claim about hair growth.) We realize it’s a turn-off by not offering a guarantee, but in our years of helping countless children (see reviews below), we have had no returns to date.

So, give Belegenza 65-90 days. Each product is very concentrated, and just one package lasts 65-90 days or more for most. The only way we can help is to share about the results we get with others. Once you give it a chance, it’s likely you’ll get results. If you don’t, it’s a one-time gamble. HOWEVER, the odds of getting results even astonish us! 

Here’s another HUGE bonus that no other company offers…. 

With your package, you will receive our cell/text number for personal service, questions and answers! Not just a number to reach an employee, but direct access to Alan & Cheryl, the creators of the Silicone FREE Era! 

What other company does this? 

Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl! 


Because we are dedicated to making Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment a short process, so your child gets through it faster than ever, and you can be proud of finding the answers! 

Take me to the Loose/Short Anagen Syndrome Answers Package, NOW.

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5 Tips for Short Anagen Syndrome Treatment for Hair Growth

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Success Stories

I have been using the entire grow out system on my daughter for over 2 years and her non-existent hair has changed to a full head of healthy curls. Belegenza products are the only I have ever used on her (for las/sas). May have taken 6-8months to truly see a difference.
Chris S
5.0 out of 5 stars It works!
My daughter has great confidence with herself but would love long hair. This, (so far) has given her more hair so it looks like a pixie hairstyle versus practically being bald. That's a good feeling for me because people were thinking she was a cancer survivor, etc.
Happy Mom!
“This morning my daughter wanted her hair tied up (that’s British for “ponytail”) for school (it was a struggle with her not having much hair)! I noticed quite a few hairs on the top of her scalp.”
Lisa C


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