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Canola Flowers!
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As so eloquently said by S.D.Wells, in their December 28, 2021 blog, “Canola, canola, it’s everywhere you turn!

Check those organic salad dressings. It’s even lurking where you least expect it. Bugs won’t eat it. It’s mixed with millions of American products to keep them from spoiling, while it “spoils” your health. Lab tests show canola puts weight gain into overdrive. It also dampens memory, as tested on lab rats. Canola can even worsen dementia. The majority of products that are “preserved” with canola oil will blow your mind. Start reading the ingredients on every prepackaged item you buy, and you will see. If you’re wondering why obesity is such a problem in this country, it’s not just the sugar.
It’s rapeseed oil. It’s an insecticide reduced down for a slow kill.”

Yes…they re-named it to Canola.

Honestly, RAPE SEED?

Just the name gives a clue that it is raping, and we’ve not met anyone who wishes to be raped in any way.

Now that you are on the verge of horrified, let’s dig into the poisonous nature of Canola.

And, don’t be naive.

When we ask someone, “Do you eat canola oil?”

Like a hypnotized subject on a stage in Las Vegas… “NO. I eat healthy.”

So, before we invite ourselves over to your house for dinner with our own food in our backpacks,

don’t be so sure that you don’t already have this poison in your home.

Before we bust your home-bubble, let’s talk about those restaurant foods and treats.



Protein bars

Countless snacks

Countless drinks and flavorings

Yes, mocha-this-that-and-the-other-thing you get at the coffee shop

Desserts of so many kinds

Salad dressings galore

Bottled sauces aplenty

And the list goes on.

At home…. baked goods, prepared foods, and those health-products… don’t even get us started on those.

Sauces, and pretty much anything that has sugar or corn syrup in them and are creamy!

Here’s the sneaky manufacturing trick of food makers.

You know how in the ingredients they say, “May contain one or more of the following soy oil, canola, palm oil or cottonseed oil?”

That’s because generally, all those oils cook up the same way in that product.

So, this week when they order their ingredients, they might get soy oil on sale.

Next week, palm oil might be on sale.

Usually, these days, canola oil is the cheapest because not even bugs will eat it!

This way, they don’t have to change the label every week, which we can tell you is a pain to do.

So, it’s always a blanket list, and you will NEVER really know which one you are eating in that batch of
protein bars, or health bars made in that time frame. If you got super sick, they could trace it by the numbers
on the package, and that’s how recalled foods get tracked. (Another story for another day)!

Let’s keep going and wrap it up.

Canola is NOT good for your hair.

Canola oil in those treats, snacks and “healthy” foods is a disaster.

Stack that along with other food additives may be enough to catapult inflammation, reduce
immune function to illness, and before it does that, you can bet your bottom dollar it is
slowing your hair growth!

AND, and …..and…

Just because you are at the “Green, Organic, Weeds R Us, no meat, vegan, egg-less,
eat off our floor because we serve such clean food” restaurant or salad bar, it doesn’t
guarantee that they don’t use Canola…or worse ingredients hidden under the restaurant
brand (another story for another day as well)!

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