The weekend is upon us!  For all of you planning to have some fun in the sun this weekend, I have a conditioning treatment for your luscious locks using Belegenza’s EnCore leave-in conditioning treatment.  This application is from my vaulted treasure chest of tips

How to instructions to protect my hair from the sun.
How to instructions to protect my hair from the sun.

& tricks, so you won’t find these directions on the back of the EnCore container!  This can be done on dry or damp hair.  My hair length is a couple of inches below my shoulders, so you may need to increase or decrease the amount of EnCore used.  If you have longer hair, you may need to use more.

  1. Part your hair down the middle of your head creating 2 sections of hair.
  2. Pump 3-4 pumps of EnCore into your hand.
  3. Apply EnCore to 1 section.
  4. Pump another 3-4 pumps of EnCore into your hand.
  5. Apply EnCore to the 2 section.
  6. Make sure that your hair is saturated with EnCore.
  7. Brush or comb each section to evenly distribute the product.
  8. Secure your hair with a hair tie.  For example: braid, bun, low ponytail.  My go-to style is Pippi Longstocking braids!  Remember, hair moving, blowing in the wind, bouncing and brushing up against your shoulders/face can be drying and damaging to it.  Imagine a fine Italian fabric continually blowing and brushing lightly against something.  The fabric will eventually break down and fray.  Your hair is just like that fine Italian fabric, so we need to preserve its beauty by styling it into a style that secures it close to your head.
  9. Pump an additional 1-2 pumps of EnCore in your hand and apply to the top of your head smoothing down any fly away hairs and for added conditioning and protection from the outside elements (sun, wind, lake water, salt water, etc.).
  10. Your hair is all set to embrace your day of fun in the sun!

What issue(s) are you dealing with that you would like for me to address in my next or future blog?


Cheryl Honc