Intro to Concerns Women Have About Their Hair Starting Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Chemotherapy is an intense, powerful treatment that destroys rapidly dividing cancer cells.

Chemo treatments can have significant physical and emotional side effects.

The diagnosis of cancer can bring on feelings of anxiety and depression, with many feeling fearful and uncertain the treatments are going to be effective.

With all of the physical effects and changes to the body, some feel helpless and frustrated because they feel they have lost control of their body and life.

Hair loss is a huge concern for many who go through chemotherapy treatments.
Hair loss is difficult for many and can affect your self-confidence and make you feel vulnerable.

Many feel a bit uneasy about worrying about their hair, which is perfectly normal. They worry what others will think of them  for worrying about their hair when their very health is at stake.
And, then there is the guilt of “feeling sorry” for oneself for losing hair, instead of feeling grateful that chemo can be the answer to a healthy body once again.
Whichever way it is, it’s okay to have all those thoughts and more.
The trick is to do what you can in the face of what is going on right now, and then doing the next right thing in the next moment of now.

Continue reading to discover how to handle your hair concerns starting chemotherapy treatments.​

Concerns Women Have About Their Hair Starting Chemotherapy Hair Loss

*****Please note that we are not medical professionals, nor are we giving any medical advice, nor making any medical hair growth claims.*****

Here are some common concerns about hair and chemo treatments:

1. Will all of my hair fall out during chemotherapy hair loss?
It is possible it will not.
The magnitude of chemotherapy hair loss varies between individuals and depends on the specific chemo treatment you receive.
Some may only experience thinning, while others lose all of their hair.

2. When should I expect my hair to start falling out once I start chemo?
Hair loss usually occurs within 1-3 weeks of your chemotherapy treatment. Hair loss can happen gradually or fairly quickly, depending on the type and dosage of your chemo treatment.

3. How can I help prevent hair loss during my chemo treatments?
Some find using cold caps during their treatments helps reduce hair loss. Scalp cooling involves wearing a cold cap or ice pack on your head before, during, and after your chemo treatment.
The concept of scalp cooling (scalp hypothermia) is that cooling constricts the blood vessels in the scalp.
This is believed to reduce the amount of chemo that reaches the hair follicles. The cooling also decreases the activity of the rapidly dividing cells of hair follicles and makes them less desirable to chemo, which targets rapidly dividing cells.

4. How should I take care of my scalp during chemotherapy?
It’s essential to use gentle, nourishing, and chemical-free hair products on your scalp, hair, and skin. The  Chemo Feel Better Look Better NOW package by Belegenza addresses all of your hair and scalp needs.
With the healing power of aloe as the first ingredient, you are soothing as you cleanse away synthetic & cosmetic build-up.
With pure & natural cleansing, you are making way for the healing power of premium, purifying botanicals to nourish your scalp.
Use  Belegenza IlLustrious S
hampoo (in your package) as your body wash, facial cleanser, and your shampoo to nourish your body head to toe.

5. How do I cope with hair loss during chemo?
It can be a deeply emotional experience to lose your hair.
Some find it helpful to wear a wig, scarf, or hat to cover their head. Some choose to get a shorter hairstyle, so it is easier to manage under a wig. Also, shorter hair appears thicker because it is not laying flat on your head. Joining a support group to connect with others going through similar experiences can also be helpful.

Conclusion to Concerns Women Have About Their Hair Starting Chemotherapy Hair Loss

There may be a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and feelings of self-consciousness during your chemotherapy treatments, but the one thing you can be certain of is that the Chemo Feel Better Look Better Now package by Belegenza is the best and safest products to ensure you have a healthy scalp so you have healthy hair and maximize hair growth.

When it comes to potent hair growth ingredients, even the most popular and well-known only provide 1 or 2 active ingredients in a chemical soup.

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Concerns Women Have About Their Hair Starting Chemotherapy Hair Loss

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