Shiny hair equals some sort of beauty product, right?
Not necessarily. 
It turns out what we eat can actually contribute to our hair’s shininess. 
If you can manage to reduce your intake of fried foods and junk foods while increasing your consumption of healthy foods, you can have not only healthy but shiny hair. 
A very unusual food you can eat to get shiny hair is seaweed. 
We know — seaweed?! 
Though probably not tasty it is highly nutritious. There are sea veggies such as nori and wakame that are loaded with iron, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.
Eating these which are loaded with essential vitamins will help you to attain
shiny hair.
Supermodel Chrissy Teigen opts for seaweed as a snack. Her go-to is seaweed sheets for her salty cravings and her favorite are the wasabi flavored ones.

She’s not alone.
Oprah and Gwyneth best hair shine serum  seaweed too!
Healthy snacking leads to healthy hair and we think Chrissy is right on track and we are sure her husband John Legend agrees. But a little extra help never hurts. Eat your seaweed but be sure to use SpotLite Shine Serum
by Belegenza to add deep,
illuminating shine to your hair while eliminating fly-aways. 
By the way, the silicone-free SpotLite Shine Serum by Belegenza is so small that its molecules don’t lay on the hair like silicones.
The deep penetration delivers an
authentic shine like seen in young children’s hair!….
even if you are tinting your hair
It’s one of the reasons Alan & Cheryl’s BLEACHED blond hair is so
long and shiny! It strengthens at the same time it increases the glow from the inside out! 
Imagine what it will do for your hair! 
Better styling that commands attention! 
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Your Trusted Brother & Sister Glowing Shiny Hair Experts, 
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