I LOVED P@ntene!   It was the ONLY conditioner I could use to smooth my hair down back in the day.  FORTUNATELY, though, I woke up to a startling fact.   I could taste it when I used it!

BIG DEAL, right?    Well, yes it is.   I remember when I had a nutritionist tell me that the skin absorbs things.  She told me to put a piece of freshly cut garlic between my toes, and wait to see how long it took to TASTE the garlic in my mouth!   Give it a try!

Well, when I was conditioning my hair with P@ntene, I was so upset when I realized the taste was in my mouth.  Had I absorbed this through my scalp and skin?   THEN, I looked at the ingredients!   That was the last time I used it.   It’s no wonder there are so many illnesses.  I don’t take chances with my health over chemicals that huge corporate machines tell me are safe. Don’t be fooled by actresses and pretty packaging!

That was yet another puzzle piece that moved Cheryl and me to make AWESOME products made of food ingredients, rather than chemicals!

Are you still taking chances with your health for the sake of beauty?

 Also, have you realized, there is no MR. or MRS. Pantene to hold accountable?  

You can count on Cheryl and me.   Give us a call…..  We stand for Belegenza, its safety and our customers’ safety!  You will look better than ever, and you will be using the latest and safest awesome products that work better than chemicals…ANYWAY!

Of course, it’s your choice to use Belegenza or not!   When you’re no longer willing to use chemicals and are ready to use products that work better than chemicals, Belegenza is here for you!  Doesn’t it make sense to get started now?