She grew it out. 

The greys, though, were more than she could handle. 

Not having lived in her new city for long, she called a friend who recommended a colorist. 

So, she put all her trust in this friend and new salon, and new colorist. 

3 hours later, though, her hair was breaking and not only that, the color was WRONG! 

What’s a girl to do? 


Well, after getting her money back, she ended up at another salon, which had not been recommended, but so much for recommendations, right?! 

The colorist darkened it all to a flat brown, but after all the breakage, it was the lesser of evils. 

Unfortunately, even her blowout wouldn’t hold because the damage had her hair “wide open” to the ravaging effects of humidity….and this was winter-time! 

She called her sister and told her the drama. 

To which she said, “You always have to have VirgInity Hair Repair in your hair collection.  You just never know when you’ll need an emergency conditioner that can handle breakage.” 

We made VirgINity when we saw what was happening to actors and actresses when they had to make severe color changes between shows or movies. 

And, don’t think there aren’t tears shed behind the scenes when hair starts breaking!  That’s why there are so many GREAT actresses. They trust the colorists, but sometimes breakage happens.

So, we created VirgINity for them, and also for our used-to-be-fragile bleached hair!

That along with FedEX overnight, we’ve transformed tears to smiles and great scenes for everyone! 

So, save yourself the $40 or more overnight charges and add VirgINity to your next order now. 

It goes beyond deep conditioners, including RoMANce Deep Conditioner because it penetrates and stays up to 7 shampoos with
strength and cortical support!  

VirgINity’s designed to be used immediately after tinting to
lock in color and is not needed until 7 shampoos later!

AND, curly heads love the humidity control and soft touch it gives to their textures. 

BUT that’s not all… VirgINity makes all styles last longer and look thicker and works amazingly to protect from heat, iron & wand damage!

Below you can click for the full package of Color Saving products. 

Your Trusted Brother & Sister Super-Strong-Condition-Bleached-Hair Experts, 


Alan & Cheryl 

VirgINity Intense Hair Repair

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How to Stop Hair Breaking

Color Damage: How to Stop Hair Breaking
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