Blue Thong Society Logo

We encourage our clients to make a difference in the philanthropic world.

Blue Thong’s members span all age groups and come from all walks of life.

They share a youthful spirit connecting socially and philanthropically.

Blue Thongers refuse to conform to the norm and quietly live the rest of their lives. There’s too much to see and do; too many friends to meet and causes to work for, and too much fun they don’t want to miss. They will wear their hair long and wear bellbottoms and hip-huggers if they want to, and encourage all of their girlfriends, old and new, to Fight Frump Forever!

Along with the American Red Cross, The American Heart Association, &, to name a few, Belegenza supports the Blue Thong Society’s mission and vision and are proud to be a corporate sponsor. A percentage of sales from Blue Thong Society members is donated back to the Blue Thong Society for charitable purposes, making Blue Thong members one of the only organizations to receive a discount. Join BTS for free now, and make a difference in your community!