Best Hair Moisturizer Begins with Water Intake


best hair moisturizer
Water: Nature’s moisturizer. Pristine sea extracts in Belegenza products balance moisture in your hair every time.

Drink up! For better hair growth!

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Do It For Yourself :

Your Best Hair Moisturizer Begins with Water Intake


People have been drawn to the water for centuries.

Trips to the ocean, the lake.

The soothing sound of water.

Maybe our bodies know something?


Water hydrates the body and helps regulate your circulatory system, which feeds the hair follicle, which will then
stimulate hair growth. If your hair roots are deficient of water levels,
your hair will eventually become dry and brittle.
It may even stop growing. So if
you are wanting
the best hair moisturizer, start with the key to moisture.
Water — how to get it — and how to use it right!


Let’s face it.  There a tons of reasons to not drink more pure water.
With every company clamoring for your money with electrolyte waters, Power Drinks, Lattes, coffees, CBD beverages, wine, champagne and Coke itself… it’s easy to say… I’m just not thirsty after all those tasty conventional drinks.

best hair moisturizer
Pristine water provides sea extracts in Belegenza products for perfect moisture balance in your hair.

“I get my water from my tea, bottled electrolytes, and stuff.”

Here’s the real question.
Would you BATHE, SHOWER or SHAMPOO your hair in your latte, tea, bottled electrolytes or diet soda?

Of course, it might be a great story to say you could bathe in champagne… BUT… get the point?

Even after that luxurious latte/champagne/beer bath, you’d probably want to rinse off in clean pure water, right?

So, if you really are serious about doing  all the right things for your body and hair growth, pure water is an essential you must get enough of every day!

Our Belegenza secret is to drink as much water as we can on an empty stomach first thing in the morning!  It’s a surprise how beneficial it is for hair AND skin!

If natural hair, hair growth, and the best hair moisturizer are what you are going for, the miracle “pill” is water!

Drink it for yourself.

Drink it for your hair.

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Your Best Hair Moisturizer Continues with Belegenza Conditioners

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Your Favorite Brother & Sister Hydrating Hair Experts,

Alan & Cheryl

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