ALL NATURAL BELEGENZA inspired by science fiction to bring you better products that you want now???  Absolutely!

Blue Thong Society’s Peggy Jucha, escorts her husband, Scott Jucha, on the red carpet to1-SJ-PJ Sovas Awards-600-2 receive his Voice Arts Award for  The Silver Ships. 

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We are so excited about Scott’s achievements, and yet, if we had not known Peggy, we may not have been aware of the contribution that his books are making.   Thanks to the Blue Thong Society, whom we’ve been sponsors and participants with for several years, we get to meet and be introduced to real world movers and shakers!   Scott’s biology background coupled with his creative science-fiction drive, inspires us in so many ways.   When we set out to create Belegenza, we were stumped with how to accomplish natural and organic products that surpass the best products on the market, like Kerastasse, Sebastian, WEN, and many others.   At that time, it was considered impossible to create products that work better than these using food ingredients.  With scientific breakthroughs in processing, we found a way to extract the most important ingredients from foods in new ways, that afforded us to OUTPERFORM synthetic and chemical laden products!

In his interview (YouTube, above), Scott explains his GREEN TECHNOLOGY APPROACH for the creation of ships in space, and just that explanation alone, inspires us to know that technology advances  and possibility are REAL and GROWING each and every day.   His explanation of the environmental  damage created by construction and how moving it into space and capturing the fallout of the pollution generated BY that construction would reduce the carbon footprint left behind in the manufacturing process.   I don’t quite understand all the ramifications, and what I realize is that Scott is a thinker, innovator and contributing force to the conventional thinking that may afford breakthrough thinking in people worldwide to SAVE THE WORLD in a very real and new way!   I’m not much on science fiction, and it is easy to see that science fiction has molded our world forever!  I love watching old science fiction to see what they considered “fiction of the future” and lo and behold, we are now using that thing!  Cordless phones??  Honestly!  That was crazy science fiction back in the day!

Scott has us inspired.  We are always looking for ways to improve our products, and once in a while we think that there may never be a way to IMPROVE our products beyond its already EXTRAORDINARY quality.  After almost 10 years of looking for a chemist who could assist us in our chemical-free idea,  Cheryl and I found him!  He has taken us beyond convention to reach back into the world’s cornucopia of goodness and reach into what can be considered science fiction to create the formulas of our products today.   Who knows?  Will one day our ingredients be mixed in a zero-gravity environment in space?  Will they have superior qualities because of the purity available in an oxygen free environment?  Will we be able to continue and improve our unique way of blending unlikely ingredients that surpass  and surprise our customers wants and needs?

I think it’s time to read Scott’s books and better yet, find a way to the red carpets he is sure to walk!



P.S. Did you realize our core of conditioning ingredient is based on good for you, good for your hair coconut?  Extracted by “sci-fi” methods today, you can now experience deeper conditioning and better hair than ever before!