Because we research so much, we run across all kinds of things that blow our minds.

As we search for photos to dress up our website, I get to see a lot of stuff that has been used by so many product lines.

The one that really has me scratching my head, are the ones that have brilliant ads, amazingly engaging stories, and then….

pictures used by other companies that are revealing the LIES they are spinning.


I had a customer asking about a product that his doctor told him about and he was considering it.

I went to their site and boy was I impressed.  UNTIL, after I hung up, I went through their site.

I KNOW how fast human hair can grow. 1/2 inch or so per month.  I also have an incredible sense of spatial perspective.

Upon seeing the amazing testimonials of how much hair was grown on this one page I was SHOCKED at the blatant lies!

“I grew 12 inches of hair in 3 months using this AMAZING product!”  This was the claim with a picture of a before and after that showed her from behind, no facial recognition.  It was amazing.

A few hours later, I was looking for more pictures of blonde hair, and lo and behold, the very identical picture of the “I grew 12 inches of hair in 3 months using this AMAZING product!” person came up!  So, I clicked on it to see where it would lead……

It was a “stock photo” which means you can purchase the rights to use it out of the picture company’s stock of photos!

We use them all the time to dress things up, like I said already.

But, here’s the shocker…..   The before and after PHOTO OWNER was a HAIR EXTENSION company!

Now back to the site I went….  The “I grew 12 inches of hair in 3 months using this AMAZING product!” person did NOT exist as Ashley.  She was a stand-in stock photo with LIES.

I was actually embarrassed.   I sifted through the rest of their site to again find that MORE than half of the so-called-truthful testimonials were of models with extensions, wigs, painted scalps, over darkened scalps to make hair look like it had grown in.

My parents taught us a few things.

Tell the truth.

Stick to your integrity and principles.

Now, I have to say also, that I’ve at times, been jealous of websites that sell what we consider inferior products to people and rake in the cash. They have incredibly big advertising budgets and have even hacked our ideas for years.  It’s maddening to know and see in fact that they LIE and don’t even do it to cover their tracks!

So, today, I thought I’d click on an ad from yet another fellow stylist who seems to have landed on a great idea. In this particular picture of before and after, it was OBVIOUS to me that they had parted the hair differently in the before and after to make it appear something had really grown in.  I could have done that within 5 minutes with my phone camera, too.  It was a perspective thing that was a complete lie….BUT WAIT>>>

Not even 4 hours later, I was served and ad on my browser of that VERY before and after garbage.  So, I clicked on it to see what that landing page looked like……. Guess what!

It was A COMPLETELY OTHER COMPANY swearing that this before and after was due to THEIR garbage products!

Well…. I wish I could post those pictures for you and even the names of the sites.

But it’s not my life work to expose liars.

Cheryl and I have made it our mission
to invent the best,
to serve the best,
to tell the truth about what we do,
and to stick to our integrity and principles.

We realize that those companies are NOT people like Cheryl and me.

They definitely are great marketers.

An unsuspecting user might get some results, but that’s why they rely on automatic re-orders. ( a whole other plot to rip people off..)

At Belegenza, you can talk with us.

We’ll tell you all we know to be true.

We’ll keep finding ways to be better marketers, but the one thing we know for sure, is

that we can sleep peacefully, knowing we did it with integrity.

Also, we appreciate our loyal and quite honestly, obsessed users who’ve been sharing it with other great people all these years!

And, we are not sure how you found this blog, but we sure hope we have the chance to show you

how your hair and Belegenza can really work together!

Alan & Cheryl

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