Hi Alan & Cheryl,
As you know, Alicia DeAnda and I have been working on a proposal to add

Homelite as a benefactor to their event. Well, it’s official! We are on their website! Hair & Makeup By Symposium We could not have done it without you and Cheryl. Thank you so much, you and Cheryl jump started 2016 for us.
I hope everything is going well for both of you and hope to catch up soon. Let me know if you would like to do a Mother’s day event ( don’t mean to sound greedy J)

We love our HomeLight Family Living friends, of the Midnight Mission, and our incredible Criterion Group‘s Award Winning and Talented Makeup Artists and Hairstylists! We had to the honor of bringing together the residents, Makeup Artists, and Hairstylists for the first ever New Year New You Program on January the 16th, 2016. We recognized that a need wanted to be filled in the hearts of people who all could inspire and assist each other in becoming the best they could be. The outrageously committed residents, who have demonstrated their passion for living a fully independent and productive life after transforming their lives from unbelievable homelessness, addiction, and abuse, were introduced to Makeup Artists and Hairstylists, famous in the entertainment industry. It was quite apparent that makeup and hair transformations were happening. What then became apparent was how the Makeup Artists and Hairstylists lives were transformed! The deep appreciation of the residents’ filled the hearts of the heroes of makeup and hair in such a way, that on-lookers could not tell who was most touched, moved, and inspired–the residents, or the artists!

“When Cheryl and I came up with this program idea, I promised it would be a life changing event for everyone involved. A few weeks later, Mr. Rosales commented that the residents still had a ‘little attitude in their steps”, and were asking when the next event would be happening.”~Alan Eschenburg

Thrilled with the results, Belegenza, is continuing to forward this program, and not without the generosity of all who participated, namely Susan Wright and Alicia DeAnda’s Criterion Group, an agency of the top Makeup and Hairstylists of Hollywood and the entertainment industry worldwide!

“The residents were commenting on how intimate the program was, and how caring everybody was. That it was not rushed, and very comforting. “

Each event is based on the forwarding of each resident and his/her family members. We want to assist them not just in having great hair and makeup for a day or two, but also to teach them how to get the look they need for the days they are up for job interviews and even promotions! Also, how to carry and present themselves in career situations, and in life in general. Not only does this program enlighten residents, but it also allows the artists to pull out everything they might know about making people beautiful and sharing that knowledge that has taken a lifetime in the industry to learn.

Participation is not limited to hair and makeup. As in any family living situation, the residents need all kinds of things. During our events, we always welcome “swag!” We serve lunch, snacks, and beverages, meaning we need catering donations and such. Photography and videography is part of the program so that photos and headshots are available for the residents’ resumes, living rooms, and cherished memories! Promotion of the events is also needed, so we are always in need of printers (flyers, postcards, etc.), bloggers, social media experts and contacts with news channels, newspapers, and such. If you have a passion for making a difference, get in touch with us, now, and we’ll help you realize your contribution! Just being there is even a contribution, as we always seem to need extra hands to make it all work, so we want you!!